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Modix3D Modix E3D V6 Standard HotEnd

There are times when printing tiny objects with a high level of accuracy is required – this is where the E3D V6 All-Metal HotEnd comes into play. Featuring a shorter melting zone, when compared to the default Volcano HotEnd, and a more accurate retraction and corner finish the V6 Hotend is the ideal tool for achieving those highly accurate small prints.

This accessory is compatible with all Modix 3D Printers

Product No. M-PV7-Z7D8

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The v6 has kept its vivid thermal transition that promotes high-quality printing - this is a standard requirement with all E3D accessories and hotends. A sharp thermal break gives excellent control over material output, which provides more precise starts and stops during your extrusion. Essentially, as a printing aficionado, this means you will have a more authentic and keen print.

Everyone likes to have different options to fuel their creative fire. Well, another reason why the v6 HotEnd is at the head of its class is that it has multiple nozzle sizes to choose from, thus your printing dreams are limitless. The default nozzle is 0.4mm, which produces fantastic prints with a great level of speed, ease, and resolution. Collecting a plethora of nozzle sizes increases your ability to explore and experiment with different filaments and extrusion settings.

Check out that accuracy!


  • (1) Aluminum Heater Block
  • (1) Stainless Steel Heat Break
  • (1) Silicon Sock Cover
  • (1) Fixing Kit
  • Nozzle:
    • (1) 0.4mm Brass Nozzle

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