Modix BIG-60 v2 Electronic Controller and Touch Screen

Upgrade your Modix BIG-60 v2 to v3 with this Electronic Controller and Touch Screen add-on!

Note: This item is only compatible with older versions of BIG-60. The current generation version (v3) of this Modix 3D Printer DOES NOT need this upgrade. This upgrade is made-to-order, delivery lead times may vary depending on availability.

Product No. M-RXS-GQ17

NOTE: Items are shipped from Hong Kong. Pricing does not include customs, taxes, or import & brokerage fees. Customers are responsible for these additional fees which will be collected on delivery.


This optional upgrade was designed for older generations of the Modix BIG-60. With this upgrade, your v2 will be upgraded to v3.


  • New Electronic box with a new controller: Duet 2 WiFi, 32-Bit, a powerful 3D printer controller. The upgrade includes a new electronic box and IGUS wires that will replace your current electronic box. The wires are compatible with your print head connectors.
  • (WiFi) Web access from both PC and mobile phones: Now you can load the G-code files right from your computer as you finish slicing the model.
  • High power motor drivers: with dynamic digital power allocation.
  • Touch Screen: 7 -inch touchscreen. The upgrade include the touch screen and a new mounting bracket. The touchscreen is wider than he older LCD screen but the mounting is designed in a way that will not disturb the enclosure door.
  • Shielded IGUS wires for the motors: The IGUS cables provide higher electric noise protection.
  • Probe - note: The inductive sensor is no longer supported. if you do not have the BLTouch yet, please add it to your order.
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