Mosaic Mosaic Palette 2S Multi Material Filament System - 1.75mm

Print multiple filament colors and types with the Mosaic Palette 2S, an upgrade from the Mosaic Palette 2. The Palette 2S is a simple, reliable multi-material printing system, taking four strands of filament and combining them before feeding the color of your choice into your 3D printer. This means you can switch color at any point in your print for beautiful, complex, and surprising prints that will look like magic. Unlock your printer's potential with the easy to use Mosaic Palette 2S.

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Reason for Clearance:  This item is being discontinued.

How does it work?

The Palette 2S takes up to four types of filament and combines them into a single filament strand. This strand is then fed to your printer, enabling your single-extruder printer to create multi-filament prints!

  1. Drive: Palette 2S’s all-metal drive systems accurately control filament flow to ensure the right lengths are driven from each input.
  2. Cut: A rotary cutter system slices filament to ensure a clean cut.
  3. Connect: Palette 2S’s updated Splice Core connects filament together end-to-end before passing them through a machined PTFE (Teflon) channel and splicing them together.
  4. Cool: The newly spliced filament is passed to our buffer to cool and ensure that it keeps tight dimensions before being passed to your printer.

Calibrate: The Scroll Wheel attached to the Palette 2S allows for more precise calibration and a streamlined Palette experience.

Mosaic Palette 2S main improvements from Mosaic Palette 2

  • P2S and P2S Pro now have 10% faster splicing than the P2 and P2 Pro, enabling higher printing speeds
  • Improved drive arm geometry to optimize printing with flexible TPU materials
  • Fresh new look inside with upgraded LED filament sensors
  • P2S and P2SP come pre-loaded with firmware, improving the setup experience
  • Improved firmware for more reliable printing
  • Updated electronics and various other reliability improvements

These are all the included components in the Mosaic Palette 2S Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Palette 2 to a Palette 2S with the Mosaic Palette 2S upgrade kit

If you already own a Palette 2, and you'd like to get all the features of the Palette 2S, check out the Palette 2S upgrade kit! Designed for current Mosaic users; with a simple upgrade, you'll get all the benefits of the new S series.

  • Faster splicing with new splice core and thinner splice tubes
  • New drive arm assemblies for better printing with flexible filament
  • Repositioned homing switch to reduce wear, and steel thumbscrews that are less likely to strip


  • Palette 2
  • Palette 2 Pro
  • Palette 2S
  • Palette 2S Pro

Palette 2S Technical Specifications

  • Unit Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.)
  • Unit Dimensions: 23 x 20.4 x 8.4 cm (9" x 8" x 3.3")
  • Shipping Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lbs.)
  • Shipping Box: 41 x 27 x 23 cm (16" x 11" x 9")
  • Supported Feedstock Size: 1.75mm (0.069 IN) FFF Filament (recommended 0.03mm tolerance or better)
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 16.04)
  • Data Interface: Canvas Hub (USB) or SD Card
  • Splicing Technology: Splice Core S, Solid State Splicer
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 15 - 30°C (60-86°F)
  • Filament Production Speed: 144 - 214 mm/min 
  • Control Board: 32-Bit ARM Processor
  • Control Interface: 3.2" Color Touch Screen 240x320 Pixels
  • Consumables Filament: Not Included, Splice Core S Tubes: 3 Included
  • Included Spare Parts: Various Spare Parts
  • Provided Limited Warranty: 12 Months or 25,000 Splices
  • Power Requirements: 12V DC, 3A Max
  • Power Adapter Input Requirements: 100 - 240V (50/60Hz) 1.5A
  • Power Adapter Compatibility: USA, UK, AU, EU
  • Mechanical: 6 x Nema 17 Stepper Motors
  • Update Connection: USB (Cable Included)
  • Certifications: cTUVus, CE (Conformité Européene), TUV-Inspected Manufacturing Facility, CAN/CSA C22.2, NO 62368-1-14

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