Slice Engineering Mosquito Hotend 12V Kit

The Mosquito Hotend, developed by the geniuses at Slice Engineering, is a radical new take on 3D printer hotend form. Now with the improved keyhole design, the Mosquito Hotend is even hotter (and cooler) than ever.

Ready to use the Mosquito Hotend, but are not sure what you need? This bundle has everything required to get started with this incredible hotend design. It includes the Mosquito Hotend, hotend cooling fan, and heater cartridge, all for the 12V configuration.

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The core to the Mosquito Hotend is in the separated module design. The frame at the cold end, which feeds the filament down, is separated entirely from the heater block by four metal support rods. This creates a spacious air gap between the two modules, where a minimal, copper heatsink guides the filament down into the heater block, and a small, mounted fan keeps the right amount of air flowing through the whole setup.

By combining each of these design elements, the heat creep effect has been effectively eliminated. The heat will stay contained just where it needs to be for clean, efficient printing-- all in an elegant and compact form.


An additional, exciting benefit of the four-rod design is that the heater block is completely stationary, so inserting and removing your nozzle doesn't move the heater block! With no need to hold the heater block in place, removing and installing your nozzle just became much faster and easier!


The Mosquito Hotend features a small fan that perfectly mounts on the side of the Mosquito Hotend frame, and blows just the right amount of air across the copper heatsink, and away from the print area. This helps ensure the proper temperature required for your 3D printing job is maintained.


All of these incredible design elements of the Mosquito Hotend are achieved in less space than traditional hotends, so by installing a Mosquito Hotend, you actually open up more vertical build volume on your printer! The only downside to this amazing new tool is that you don't have it--yet!


Here are some STL's you can download and print in order to mount your new Mosquito Hotend to your favorite 3D printer:

Adapter for E3D V6
Adapter for Prusa MK2S
Adapter for Prusa MK3
Groovemount Adapter
Groovemount Adapter for Titan Aero
Groovemount Adapter for Bondtech QR
Railcore II Adapter

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