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Olsson Ruby Nozzle Bundle - 3.00mm

Any printer with an E3D v6 3.00mm hot end will be compatible with this bundle of 3.00mm Olsson Ruby Nozzles. Includes sizes: 3.00mm x 0.40mm 3.00mm x 0.60mm 3.00mm x 0.80mm
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Why Bundle?

The benefits of purchasing the bundle goes beyond getting 3 nozzles at a reduced price. The nozzles in the bundle are interchangeable as they are all 3.00mm with different extrusion diameters. By having every size nozzle, you have the freedom to experiment with different line widths. The standard size - 0.4mm will let you get finer detail and as you increase the diameter your prints get faster and stronger.  

Print Endless Amounts of Abrasive Filament

Born from the same demanding lab that gave us the Olsson heater block, the Olsson Ruby 3D printer nozzle is the most wear resistant nozzle available. Developed for use while printing extremely abrasive Boron Carbide filament, the Olsson Ruby prints kilograms of even the most abrasive consumer filaments with no visible signs of wear.

Why the Olsson Ruby is right for your 3D printer

  • One nozzle for any material. While the Ruby has been developed for use with highly abrasive materials, it also produces beautiful 3D prints with less abrasive materials such as PLA, ABS or Nylon
  • The ruby embedded in the tip of the nozzle will not wear down when printing even the toughest materials. Designed for use printing Boron Carbide, the third hardest known material in the world.
  • The main body of the Olsson Ruby is brass, which means excellent heat conductivity throughout the nozzle to maintain consistent temperature.
  • The ruby nozzle has been in field testing since early 2016 and the community has produced stunning prints using this nozzle
  • Each Olsson Ruby nozzle is manufactured, assembled and testing at their high-quality facility in Sweden. By controlling their process and keeping it close to home they can guarantee the best quality and tight tolerances on each and every nozzle.

Perfect for printing NylonX

Author of the OpenRC Project, the OpenRailway Project and designer of the Benchy, Daniel Norée has found great success printing many of his designs with the Olsson Ruby nozzle and MatterHackers NylonX filament.

Daniel describes his experience printing NylonX with the Olsson Ruby:

”Other than being a high precision product the Olsson Ruby offers great value when iterating a project like the OpenRC Mini Quad and need that long time consistency in quality as it won't degrade over time nearly as much many of it´s competitors when printing abrasive filament like the NylonX.”

The Olsson Ruby is an excellent nozzle for printing MatterHackers NylonX carbon fiber infused nylon filament. NylonX produces super strong parts, but can quickly wear out a standard brass nozzle. The strength and abrasive resistance of the Ruby nozzle enables makers to print kilograms of carbon fiber filament with zero signs of wear on the nozzle.

The Olsson Ruby is the perfect nozzle for printing with MatterHackers NylonX

Is My 3D Printer Compatible?

The Olsson Ruby has M6x1 external threading, making it compatible with many popular 3D printer manufacturers as well as any printer with an E3D v6 HotEnd installed. Some of these printers include:
  • Ultimaker 2+ / 2+ Extended
  • Ultimaker 2 / 2 Extended with Olsson Block upgrade
  • Lulzbot TAZ 5
  • Lulzbot TAZ 6 **
  • Lulzbot Mini **
  • Any printer with an E3D v6 3.00mm hotend*
*Olsson Ruby will need to be mounted with the nozzle placed against the heat break/isolator to create a seal, and not against the front face of the heater block.
**Any printer with automatic bed leveling, such as the LulzBot TAZ 6, will need to have the auto leveling disabled as the ruby tip is not conductive.
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