MatterHackers OpenRC Formula 1 Car

Part of the Summer Projects collection, and designed and made possible by Daniel Norée, the OpenRC Formula 1 Car is the perfect project for anyone who has wanted to build and customize their own RC car.

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Product No. M-CM3-N88D

If you're an active member of the 3D printing community, you've probably heard of Daniel Norée. If you haven't heard of him, you may have heard about one of his many Open-Source projects, like the OpenRC F1 Car, the OpenRC drone, the print-in-place adjustable wrench, or everyone's favorite: Benchy. This is a compilation of the parts used in our article How To: 3D Print and Build an F1 RC Car, which consists of the 2017 updated parts and stock parts for the rest.

Several other versions of this F1 car exist, like dual extrusion bodies and alternate body shapes, like the McLaren F1. The cosmetic pieces can be swapped around the main chassis, as those pieces stay the same across the iterations Daniel has created. Get printing and assemble your own OpenRC F1 car and send us pictures of the color schemes you come up with.

Happy Printing!

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