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Peopoly Moai Resin Tank

As with all resin 3D printers, the vat, or resin tank on the machine will wear out over time and require replacement. To ensure users can get the most up time from their Moai we offer replacement tanks standalone. As with all consumables, the best practice is to keep one in your personal inventory for when it needs replacing.

Product No. M-L4W-SF8J
List Price: $55.00

Keep your Moai in optimal condition

With all resin based 3D printers, the resin tank will wear out over time and require replacing. To get the most our of your Moai and keep the machine in optimal condition, it's best to hang on to a spare resin tank. The tank is made from clear plastic to allow the laser to shine in from the bottom and cure the resin. After approximately 2 liters of resin the bottom of the tank will start to get cloudy - this is your indication that it's time to replace.

Easy to change for zero downtime

The resin tank is the only disposable component of the Maoi and the only one you will have to replace over time. The best part is that replacing the resin tank is incredibly easy since it slides directly out of the front of the machine. Just like if you were going to pour out the remaining resin after a print, you simply remove the tank, clean any remaining resin out and it's done. Install the new tank and you're ready to start your next print!

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