Peopoly Peopoly Moai Tough Resin (1L)

Peopoly's Tough Resin is perfect for parts that really need to stand up extra wear and tear. With other SLA resins, you can achieve very fine detail but your part will not have good ductility or tensile strength. With Peopoly Tough Resin, you've got a resin that can do both.

As tough as it is once properly cured, it is a bit softer during the printing process, so additional support a higher temperature is needed for the best prints. This resin requires at least 30 minutes of post-curing, UV light processing, while the print is submerged in water.

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Perfectly paired with the Peopoly Moai

The Peopoly Moai was made for this resin, and it produces some beautifully smooth 3D prints. The magic of UV-sensitive resin printing is that layers are chemically bonded as they cure, and do not need to be squashed together like traditional FDM machines. This effectively eliminates the contoured edges present on all plastic parts and produces an incredibly smooth finish.

Please note that this is the new and improved Tough Resin V2, so you will be able to take advantage of its improved ease of cleanup and use. Peopoly recommends printing at 25C or above, and make sure to add additional support structure to your prints. It will all have been worth it, though, when your finished prints don't crack under pressure!

SLA resin is technically a hazardous material, though you're safe to use it as long as you handle with care. It is recommended that you handle with nitrile gloves, and common sense. For more information on good resin practices, read our helpful article about it, here.

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