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PhotoCentric 3D Daylight Precision Hard Concept Resin - Green (1kg)

Formulated to be highly active in the visible spectrum, Photocentric 3D Daylight Hard Concept resin can bring your jewellery and model figurines to life. Print perfect jewellery prototypes or detailed figurines with high strength, durability, and high accuracy with finished smooth surfaces. Prints can be easily printed by airbrush, or shown as is.

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Choosing the right Resin

With resin-based SLA 3D printing you can create objects with smoother surfaces, finer details and more intricate structures than FDM 3D printing. In the same way choosing the right filament is essential for successful FDM 3D printing, choosing the right resin is a key step in the resin printing process. There are many different styles available, and this particular product from Photocentric 3D produces firm parts with just a little give under high stress. Perfect for load bearing components that have to stay strong, but not break under pressure. Extremely stiff parts can become brittle and snap under pressure, where parts made with this resin will stay strong, but flex just slightly to stop from snapping. Check out the otherĀ 3D printer resins at MatterHackers to choose the one that's perfect for your next project!


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