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PORO-LAY GEL-LAY Porous Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

GEL-LAY is the newest innovation from the creator of LAYBRICK, LAYWOO-D3, and BendLay. GEL-LAY is a jelly-like material which is ideal for creating artificial body parts, marine animals, floatables, or anything else that is squishy! GEL-LAY is part rubber-elastomeric polymer and part PVA. Once you rinse this material in water only the rubber polymer remains as your micro-porous and flexible object. *In order to continue stocking this item in 1.75mm, inventor Kai Parthy has provided us with his 'Edu-Kits'. **These packs of GEL-LAY come in 2-3 coils with a total weight of 250 grams.** They are at a reduced price - $5 off - vs the 3.00mm sizing because of this change.*
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GEL-LAY is an exciting and new innovation from the creator of LAYBRICK and LAYWOO-D3. We are proud to offer the newest experimental filament from inventor Kai Parthy. We are the only U.S. authorized reseller of this experimental new filament! GEL-LAY is best characterized as a jelly-like material that is very porous. This material is made from a rubber-elastomeric polymer and a PVA-component. That means that part of this filament is water soluble. Once you rinse this material in water, the PVA component disappears and the rubber polymer remains as your micro-porous object. GEL-LAY is ideal for creating artificial limbs or body parts, marine animals (like an octopus) or floatables. Other great applications for GEL-LAY include objects in water, marine organism flow simulation, and bio-mechanics. GEL-LAY comes in a .25kg package.

After finishing your print you will notice that the material is strong and only slightly bendable. However, rinse the print with water then your object becomes micro-porous & elastic. This is ideal for printing soft and flexible rubber like objects. To get full flexibility from your print you should leave the printed object sitting in tap water for 1-4 days.

The picture below illustrates the fascinating nature of the PORO-LAY series of filaments. The image on the left is PORO-LAY after being printed (strong, sturdy, rigid). The image to the right is that same part after being soaked in warm water (part became elastic, flexible, and rubber like after the rinse).

PORO-LAY LAY-FOMM 40 Porous Filament - 1.75mm

We recommend printing GEL-LAY between 225°-235°C. However, remember that each printer is slightly different so you may need to increase or decrease the temperature by 5°C until your print looks perfect!

Check out the video below to learn more about the PORO-LAY series!

GEL-LAY is part of the new PORO-LAY series which also includes LAY-FOMM 40 and LAY-FOMM 60. The PORO-LAY series is made by taking two different materials such as an Elastomer (rubber-like substance) and then blending that substance with a soluble component such as PVA. So after rinsing your print in water the PVA component dissolves and the print is then flexible and porous.

Fast Facts about GEL-LAY

  • After printing rinse with water to create an object that is micro-porous & elastic
  • Optimal for printing soft rubber objects
  • Print between 225°-235°C
  • Filament comes in a .25kg package
  • Heated bed is not necessary for printing

Nuggets of Info About the PORO-LAY Series

  • POROLAY filaments are dedicated for experimental use. This is bleeding edge filament so start with an open mind!
  • All filaments after printing are stiff and unbreakable and printable with standard home-printers (repraps)
  • All objects are hot-sealable after drying
  • Micro-porous means micrometer-dimensions! Pores are not visible to naked eyes.
  • All POROLAY-objects can be filled not only with water, try to use emulsions of oil, glycerine, inks, salty solutions, or ionic liquids to make it conductive!
  • you may print without heated bed
  • the objects have near zero warp (deformation while printing)
  • Design rules: print less walls/shells and less filling % to shorten rinsing time
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