Raise3D Raise3D High Detail Resin - Apricot (1kg)

Raise3D High Detail Resin offers ultra-fine detail and high-resolution print quality for intricate models, with an excellent matte surface ideal for painting and plating. The results are engineered for professional-looking prototypes and complex designs that require minimal post-processing.

  • Ultra-fine detail, high-resolution capability
  • Ready for painting and plating
  • Excellent matte surface finish
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Product No. M-KWE-ULH0


The Solution for Ultra-Fine Detail

For models that require the sharpest details, Raise3D High Detail Resin delivers. Its excellent matte surface is primed for painting and plating, making it a top choice for high-precision parts and intricate models that need enhanced visual impact and professional appearance while maintaining simplified post-processing efforts.

Key Features of the Raise3D High Detail Resin - Apricot (1kg):

  • Color: Apricot (PMS: 2433 C / RAL: 3012)
  • Ultra-fine details and high-resolution
  • Ready for painting and plating
  • Excellent matte surface finish
  • Ideal for ultra-high resolution and detailed prototypes and complex, detailed models

What are some Resin 3D Printing Tips for Raise3D High Detail Resin?

  • Shake and stir well before printing
  • Store away from UV exposure
  • Ensure sufficient liquid resin level for printing
  • Filter cured resin residues during printing
  • Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves


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