Ultimaker UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit

The Metal Pack enables desktop 3D printing with real stainless steel, transforming your Ultimaker S5 into an industrial-grade printer. The pack includes Ultrafuse 17-4 PH filament, hardened nozzle, adhesive, post-processing voucher, and slicing software. It offers accessible metal printing, facilitating prototyping and end-product manufacturing.

  • Enables real stainless steel 3D printing
  • Provides industrial-grade printing capabilities
  • Includes post-processing voucher for convenience
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Product No. M-4S0-2JFQ

BASF Forward AM's Ultrafuse metal 3D printing filament has changed the game for desktop 3D printing. You can now print with real stainless steel metal on your UltiMaker S5 3D printer. This metal 3D printing filament that can be debound and sintered, leaving your 3D printed part solid stainless steel metal.

Using the right design parameters and print settings, along with a simple hardened steel nozzle upgrade, anyone from manufacturers and engineers to research students and hobbyists can successfully print with solid metal on their 3D printer.

  • Produce end-use products made from stainless steel
  • Make functional prototypes from real metal
  • Cost-effective and convenient to print and process
  • Elevating their 3D printing experience to an industrial level
  • Easily ship out for debinding and sintering Ultrafuse green parts

What Is Included In the Metal Pack?

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