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475 x 475 x 280mm 3D Printer Enclosure Kit

3D Printer enclosures are designed with two main goals in mind - to increase the ambient temperature within the build area of your 3D printer, which is essential if you wish to reduce warping of some materials such as ABS and Nylons, and to protect your machine from external factors such as drafty spaces, dust, and curious hands. This 3D printer enclosure kit comes standard with two glass front doors, acrylic paneling, and is completed with a clear top cover making it the perfect add-on for a 3D Printer in the 495 x 585 x 780 mm (19.5 x 23 x 30.7”in) range.
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3D Printer enclosures provide several benefits to those who chose to use them. In addition to regulating the ambient temperature within the build area of your printer, which reduces the probability of warped prints when printing with certain materials such as ABS and Nylon, enclosures act as a first line of defense when it comes to protecting your printer from environmental factors such as dust, drafty breezes, and helps to reduce the overall noise level created during the 3D printing process.


  • Top cover easily lifts off for printer servicing
  • No glue required for assembly
  • No drilling, cutting, or other machine modifications required for use
  • Clear acrylic construction provides an open view of the print area
  • This 3D Printer enclosure is compatible with the Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

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