Uniz Uniz Slash Plus Replacement Resin Tank

As with all resin 3D printers, the vat, or resin tank on the machine will wear out over time and require replacement. To ensure users can get the most uptime from their Uniz Slash we offer replacement tanks as a standalone product. As with all consumables, the best practice is to keep one in your personal inventory for when it needs replacing.

List Price: $59.00
Product No. M-YAP-WYVD


At some point during your resin-based 3D printing experience, the resin tank and other consumables will wear out and require replacing. To get the most out of your Uniz Slash Plus and to keep the machine in optimal condition, it’s best to have a spare resin tank on hand. This resin rank is made of a specially engineered low-surface tension polymer film and a frame that has been designed to hold the film under tension which ensures the best possible printing performance.

Maximize the uptime of your Slash Plus 3D printer by keeping a healthy stock of replacement parts on hand!


This replacement resin tank can be installed in 4 simple steps.

1. Find the two locating slots located on the inner side of the printer.

2. Place the locating feet on the resin tank and position them with the locating slots at an angle of 30-40°. Naturally level the rein tank to make it fit with the screen.

3. Push the resin tank buckle until the resin tank is fixed in place securely

4. Check to see if the resin tank is securely fixed in place. If the tank is still loose, repeat the steps above until it fits in tightly.

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