BCN3D BCN3D Sigma R17 Smart Fan Upgrade Kit

For BCN Sigma owners who want all the benefits of the upgraded R17 model, the newer components are available as stand-alone upgrades. This is the Smart Fan upgrade kit, which allows for more efficient cooling and less machine noise.

List Price: $89.00
Product No. M-QKY-XE2E

Upgrade to the latest hardware

The innovative new power management system will turn on the cooler fans only if the temperature of the is above certain threshold, reducing the operating sound when printing with just one extruder. On the other hand, the new fans have been carefully selected in order to drastically cut down the operating sound while assuring a high dissipation airflow. As a result, the Sigma is not only much quieter than before, but also more reliable and capable of printing a wide range of materials. What’s in the kit: 2x Cooler Fan 2x Extruder Board

This Kit has been designed for all the owners of a BCN3D Sigma with a serial number which last four numbers are below XXX.YYMMDD.1146

Everything you need to fully upgrade your Sigma:

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