CLEARANCE - Panucatt Azteeg X3 PRO 3D Printer Controller

The Panucatt Azteeg X3 PRO is a fantastic contoller that provides support for 8 stepper drivers and up to 5 extruders (if you dare). This controller is very similar to the X3 controller board which is commonly used by 3D printer manufacturers. The X3 PRO is powered by the Atmel ATMEGA2560 micro controller chip and is designed with excellent high current capability. The controller is compatible with most firmwares.

Product No. M-W84-ZH5K
List Price: $145.00

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The possibilities are almost limitless with the Azteeg X3 PRO from Panucatt. The Dual Heatbed Mosfets (single control) provides you the flexibility to run multiple heatbeds and also provides 3 separate inputs and fuses which means it will cover most power input configurations out there.

Digital Pot stepper current control can now be achieved on plug-in drivers using the SD8825 stepper drivers on the X3 PRO


  • Atmel ATmega 2560 with FT231x FTDI USB chip
  • Compatible with Marlin, Repetier, others.
  • 3 Separate Power inputs with its own fast acting blade fuse
  • Dual Mosfet Output for Heatbeds
  • 8 Stepper driver slots with Digital pot control (when using SD8825)
  • 8 Mosfets with PWM control for Hotends/Fans/LEDs
  • 6 end stops inputs
  • 6 Thermistor inputs
  • 2 Thermocouple inputs
  • Wide input(12-24V) high efficiency switching Power supply (5v @ 1A)
  • microSD card socket built-in
  • On board SMT buzzer
  • Fused and Zener protected +5v Vcc line.
  • Ultra Low RDSon, High power Mosfets for minimal heat buildup
  • Input power selector for micro controller [USB or internal regulator]
  • High current capacity connectors and PCB traces.
  • Made with 2 oz. copper 4 Layer and RoHS compliant PCB
  • Expansion ports and breakout pins
  • Vertical Male Headers for Molex KK 2695 connectors
  • Level shifted RX/TX line ( for direct serial connection to Raspberry Pi and similar 3.3v boards)

What's in the box:

  • Azteeg X3 PRO controller board with Arduino Bootloader and Test Firmware
  • Shunt Jumpers


*: Drivers sold separately
**: 1/32 with provided drivers. Upgradeable to 1/128 with SD6128 drivers.

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