Panucatt Re-ARM Controller for RAMPS

RE-ARM is a 100Mhz, 32-bit ARM controller with the popular Arduino MEGA footprint. It's a plug-in replacement for the Arduino Mega in your RAMPS setup for a quick and easy upgrade to 32-bit capabilities.

Product No. M-Z88-93Y4
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Benefits of the Re-ARM over an Arduino MEGA

The Re-Arm micro controller board is more powerful and built with a faster processor, enabling faster feed rates for you 3D printer. The board has an SD card slot for firmware and configuration files, but also supports a second SD card connected via an LCD screen for project file loading. Having a separate configuration file outside of the firmware makes settings changes much easier than other boards which require new firmware for any and all settings changes. The configuration is a text file, making changes from a computer easy and fast.

Key Features

  • More powerful, faster processor enabling faster feed rates for you 3D printer.
  • Runs Smoothieware.
  • Easy to manage configuration using a text file on SD card. Other controller boards require freshly uploaded firmware with every settings change
  • Since SD cards appear as a drive in windows, it's easy to drag and drop new firmware or edit the config file right on your computer without the need for specialized software.
  • Capable of running smaller micro-step stepper drivers such as the 1/128 micro-stepping SD6128 driver, available as an addon item.
  • Headers for an Ethernet RJ45 add-on Module, which is not included with this board.
  • Utilize a graphic LCD screen on your Delta 3D printer without issue.
  • Supports 2 SD cards - one for settings and firmware, installed directly onto this board as well as another for file loading, which connects on the LCD screen.
  • 5V tolerant pins, except for analog inputs which are 3.3V
  • Filtered endstop inputs.
  • Able to run CNCs, Laser cutters and 3D printers.

Technical Specifications (running RAMPS)

  • 32-bit LPC1768 ARM processor
  • 100Mhz, 512kb Flash
  • Mini USB B connector
  • 3.3V system voltage
  • 10-30V power supply input range, using Vin pin or barrel jack
  • 1 Heated bed, 2 Hotend Mosfet drivers
  • SD card slot for firmware upgrades and config file
  • 6 End stops, with filter and pull-ups
  • 3 thermistor inputs
  • Smoothieware firmware by Arthur Wolf
  • Support SPI Displays like Viki2 (availalbe as addon item) and mini Viki(direct) and RRD Graphic LCD(adapter)
  • Support for I2C and parallel character LCDs using universal adapter by Jim Morris
  • Header breakout for Ethernet module (RJ45) daughter board. (not included)
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