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JumpStart 3D Printer Fully Assembled

The JumpStart 3D Printer is one of the best sub-$700 3D printers that our print solutions team has ever seen. At such a low price point, the build volume and print quality make this printer an unmistakable value. The print quality on this machine rivals that of machines that cost 3-5 times as much. We're talking 0.1mm-0.4mm layer resolution, 30mm/s-300mm/s print speed, and a whopping 8" x 7" x 8" build volume - you won't be able to find those specs anywhere else in this price range!

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High Quality, Low Price

The JumpStart 3D printer is ideal for anyone new to 3D printing but who doesn't want to break the bank. This compact printer is perfect if you are seeking reliable, quality prints on a budget. This value packed 3D printer comes with a large build area (8" x 7" x 8") so you can print anything you can imagine. Similar printers with that size build area cost 2-3 times as much. The JumpStart also comes with a layer cooling fan which is ideal for printing PLA.

Fast Setup

With simple, one-step extruder installation, getting this machine up and printing is absolutely painless. Within 20 minutes of receiving your new JumpStart printer you will be up and printing.

Optimized for Safety and Education

The JumpStart is partially enclosed and comes with a magnetic glass plate which covers the entire front of the printer. This makes the JumpStart an excellent fit for schools and kids who want to safely learn about 3D printing.

Unmatched Print Quality

Take a look at the time-lapse below which shows the JumpStart mastering a fairly difficult print.

As you can see from the video, the JumpStart printed this part with ease and precision. However, we tried to print this same part on 4 other 3D printers here in the shop and none of those printers produced a working part. The JumpStart was the only printer that was able to print a functional part using this model. Once that happened, we knew we had to start carrying this printer.

Portable, On the Go

The JumpStart 3D printer has a light weight, metal frame which makes it quite portable. This is perfect for the printer enthusiast on the go - take your JumpStart to your favorite makerspace to impress and inspire your friends!

Print in Multiple Materials

With the extruder temperature reaching as high as 230 C, you can print with environmentally friendly PLA, which is a great filament for prototypes. And if you need something unique, look no further than the multitude of specialty PLA filaments like wood, bamboo, and bronze!

Tech Specs:

  • PLA, Specialty Filament Compatible
  • Build Volume: 210mm x 180mm x 200mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1mm - 0.4mm
  • Printing Speed: 30mm/s~300mm/s
  • Comes with a Layer Cooling Fan
  • Nozzle: 0.4mm
  • Extruder Temperature: 180 - 230 C
  • File type: STL
  • Supports offline printing
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card
  • LED Screen
  • Powder-coated steel chasis
  • Metal body
  • Power Consumption: 120w
  • AC Input: 110V AC~240V AC 50/60Hz 1.5A
  • Product Dimensions: 370 x 400 x 390mm 
  • Product Weight: 12 KG (26.5 lbs)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 410 x 450 x 430mm
  • Shipping Weight: 15 KG (33.5 lbs.)

What's in the Box?

  • JumpStart 3D Printer
  • Glass plate for bed (26 x 28 cm)
  • Front safety plate (37 x 39 cm)
  • Spool holder
  • Roll masking tape (5cm)
  • 1.75mm PLA filament (1kg)
  • 2 GB SD card
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Diagonal flush cutters
  • Putty knife
  • Tweezers
  • Nozzle Cleaner
  • Allen key set
  • Filament Guide Clip
  • Instruction manual


Info Sheet (2 KB)
Quick Start Guide (6 MB)

6 Month Warranty

The JumpStart 3D printer comes with an industry leading 6 month warranty which covers hardware issues or defective units.

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