MakerGear 3D Printers
MakerGear 3D Printers

MakerGear 3D Printers

The MakerGear M3 3D printer is a high-precision printer made with solid steel and machined aluminum framing. It is quick and easy to calibrate, and has a simple and compact design. It is available with both single and dual extrusion options, and can print with nearly every material available.

  • Solid steel and machined aluminum framing
  • Quick and easy to calibrate
  • Simple and compact design
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MakerGear Accessories
MakerGear Accessories
About MakerGear
Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, MakerGear creates 3D printers that are reliable, precise and engineered to last. Structural parts are machined out of aluminum or steel here in the US, and linear rails and bearings on independent X and Y axes mean smooth, repeatable motion for precise prints. MakerGear printers are capable of printing in a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, nylons, flexibles, composites, and many more. MakerGear 3D printers are created for every user to achieve amazing results for professionals and innovators. For industrial, educational, engineering, design and architectural applications, MakerGear 3D printers exceed across the board for excellent, precise 3D prints.
MakerGear M3 Fully Assembled MakerGear M3 Independent Dual Extrusion
Recommended Use Beginner/Home Use, Professional, Industrial, and Commercial Prototyping and fabrication, Higher Education and Research Beginner/Home Use, Commercial Prototyping, Education and Research
Build Volume 203mm x 254mm x 203mm (8in x 10in x 8in) 203mm x 254mm x 203mm (8in x 10in x 8in)
Bed Leveling Manual leveling screws that stay put once they are set. Manual leveling screws that stay put once they are set.
Connectivity WiFi, LAN and USB WiFi, LAN and USB
Dual Extruder Compatible No Yes
Extruder Mount Direct Drive Direct Drive
Filament Diameter / Nozzle Diameter 1.75mm / .35mm 1.75mm / .35mm
Why buy from MatterHackers?

At MatterHackers we pride ourselves on offering friendly service, advice, and support. Our prices are always the lowest in the industry when you factor in our free shipping for every item on the MatterHackers site (including 3D printers). Most of all, our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have been 3D printing for several years now and are happy to answer your 3D printing questions. Have a question about the amazing capabilities of your new LulzBot printer? No problem. Feel free to give us a call.

In short, buying a 3D printer from MatterHackers is a holistic experience. We are here to partner with you through every step of your 3D printing journey. Additionally, we have all of the PLA, ABS, and Specialty Filament that you could ever need to design anything you can imagine.

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