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LulzBot 3D Printers

LulzBot, the working company name of Aleph Objects, is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado. Creators of the TAZ line of 3D printers, as well as the Mini and Mini 2, LulzBot is known for making reliable, robust 3D printers. LulzBot has spent the last ten years evolving their TAZ line of 3D printers to the current TAZ Workhorse model professional 3D printer. With a self-cleaning nozzle, a PEI heated print bed, and one of the largest build areas of any available 3D printer, the TAZ Workhorse continues where the TAZ 6 left off, proving itself as a professional grade 3D printer. LulzBot has also introduced the TAZ Pro 3D printer - a professional level, dual-extrusion machine designed specifically to enable engineers and other professionals to 3D print with a wide variety of advanced materials, as well as water soluble support materials right out of the box. The TAZ Pro 3D printer comes standard with dual-extrusion, color touchscreen, 32-bit Rambo board, and other upgrades for industrial-grade applications. The TAZ Workhorse, TAZ Pro, and Mini 2 all have SD card readers for wireless 3D printing and contain all the newest technology for precise and accurate 3D prints. Along with LulzBot's awesome collection of interchangeable tool heads, TAZ Workhorse owners have options for dual-extrusion printing with the TAZ Dual Extruder v3 Tool Head, or printing with abrasive and advanced materials with the HS (Hardened Steel) Tool Head. Mini 2 owners can also print reliably with flexible materials with the SE Tool Head, or TAZ Workhorse owners can crank out strong, durable parts with the TAZ MOARStruder Tool Head. Mini 2 owners can opt for the SL Tool Head (Micro) for truly detailed printing down to 25 microns. Mini 2, and TAZ Workhorse users have access to almost any filament in our extensive catalog with these tool heads, including PLA, ABS, TPU, nylon, NylonX, and any material from our PRO Series lineup. Overall the Lulzbot 3D printers are among the toughest, most reliable and most versatile printers available. Whatever kind of 3D printing project you are planning, the Lulzbot TAZ Pro, TAZ Workhorse and Mini 2 are ready to make it a reality.

LulzBot & Accessories

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LulzBot Taz 6 LulzBot Mini 2
Recommended Use Beginner/Home Use, Professional, Industrial, and Commercial Prototyping and fabrication, Higher Education and Research Beginner/Home Use, Commercial Prototyping, Education and Research
Build Volume 280mm x 280mm x 250mm (11.02in x 11.02in x 9.8in) 152mm x 152mm x 174mm (6in x 6in x 6.85in)
Self Leveling and Nozzle Self Cleaning Yes Yes
Tetherless Printing via SD Card Yes Yes
Dual Extruder Compatible Yes No
All-Metal LulzBot Hexagon Hot End, PEI Surface on Heated Bed Yes Yes
Filament Diameter / Nozzle Diameter 3mm / .50mm 3mm / .50mm
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