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NinjaTek Cheetah Series

NinjaTek Cheetah Series

NinjaTek’s Cheetah flexible 3D printing filament has the ability to print at regular PLA and ABS speeds without a drop in quality. With superior chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as flexibility, you can easily print seals, plugs, snap-fit parts and semi-rigid accessories like phone cases.

Technical Specifications
  • Extruder Temperature: 235°C – 245°C
  • Platform Temperature: Room temperature – 40°C
  • Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
  • Top and bottom layers: 30-45 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/min)
  • Infill speeds: 60-80 mm/ sec (3600-4800 mm/min)
  • Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available.
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