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DSM 3D Printing Filament
DSM 3D Printing Filament

DSM 3D Printing Filament

Committed to the science-driven development of an ever-increasing catalog of advanced 3D printing materials, DSM continues to raise the bar in materials applications with innovations that improve heat stability, hydrolysis resistance, wear and friction, thermal conductivity, soft touch, and high barrier properties. These innovations translate into materials that make people’s lives safer, healthier, and more convenient. With their in-depth know-how and giant portfolio of high-quality materials, they work with manufacturers worldwide to consistently update and innovate new solutions. DSM has translated its most popular injection-molding materials into ready to print, 3D printing materials. Novamid®, a nylon-based polyamide6/66 material; Arnitel® is a 100% recyclable engineering plastic previously used in dashboard production and other large-scale automotive injection molds; and Arnite® is a pure PET material, which is perfect for high-temperature applications that require increased dimensional stability.

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About DSM 3D Printing Filament

DSM is a world leader in manufacturing and a trusted brand with over 100 years of experience creating and improving high-performance, engineering-grade thermoplastics that are used worldwide in industrial applications that produce and manufacture automotive, electrical and electronics, building and construction, medical, and consumer goods, to name but a few. Focused on creating more sustainable thermoplastics, DSM’s company strategy is in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help reduce waste and carbon emissions. DSM’s materials help create stronger, more durable products while raising the bar on creating more environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods.

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