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Foosball Table Parts

All of the 3D printed components to build your own foosball table! Included are players, player feet, bushings, bumpers, a ball entry ramp, scoreboard components and handles. These components were all used in our collaborative build with Bob from I Like to Make Stuff.
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Here are all the files needed to create a 3D printed foosball table! The Iron Man and Stormtrooper files originally came from Thingiverse user Johanson59 and were modified for use at MatterHackers.

For more information on how this table goes together, read our article How To Build A Foosball Table

Bumpers and end caps were printed in Ninjaflex

Players feet were printed in MatterHackers NylonX

Bushings were printed in Nylon

Players were printed MatterHackers PRO Series Nylon

Handles were printed in MatterHackers PRO Series ABS

Ball entry ramp, score boards, and leg nuts were printed in MatterHackers PRO Series PLA