3DFS Filtered Safety Enclosure Kit Compatible with Ultimaker S5

This third party enclosure that fits on the Ultimaker S5 allows much easier printing of ABS or other more sensitive materials by trapping heat within the 3D printing chamber, and it also features a small fan and HEPA filter so you can keep unpleasant smells or fumes safely inside the enclosure, all while easily monitoring your 3D prints. Upgrade your 3D printer to the next level, even beyond standard enclosures!

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Maintain Thermal Conditions By Enclosing Your 3D Printer

Adding an enclosure is an excellent way to upgrade your 3D printer, because it ensures your prints can't be negatively affected by room drafts, stray particulates or curious hands. And the 3DFS Safety Enclosures go even further by incorporating HEPA and active carbon filtration, as well as a small fan, which moves aromas or vapors out without affecting the print, and keeps them from spreading into your printing space. Your prints will improve, and your maker space will remain pleasant and safe.

Select the Enclosure that Best Fits your 3D Printer

With every 3D printer, there's a specific set of sides and dimensions that needs to be covered or enclosed, whether it's to cover the front doors or the open top, and each of the 3DFS Safety Enclosures have a specially designed form factor that makes it compatible with either the Ultimaker 3, the Ultimaker 3 Extended, or the Ultimaker S5. Select and install the appropriate Safety Enclosure to enclose that 3D printer perfectly. Turn your printer into an engineering grade production fabricator not just by enclosing it, but by enclosing it in a Safety Enclosure.

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