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Advanced Materials Bundle for Ultimaker S5

Interested in printing advanced, specialty filaments on your Ultimaker S5? MatterHackers has just the thing for you! Introducing the Advanced Materials Bundle for Ultimaker S5—the bundle designed specifically for printing high temperature, advanced and abrasive materials such as Nylon and other Nylon-based materials. This bundle includes one Ultimaker Print Core CC, one spool of NylonX, one spool of NylonG, one LayerLock Garolite Build Surface, one Glass Print Bed, and one PrintDry. In addition, there is an optional add-on for one Ultimaker S5 Enclosure Kit and one spool of Ionic Hi-Temp Hybrid Support Material.
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Successfully printing with advanced materials such as Nylon and Nylon-based filaments is extremely accessible through Ultimaker’s efficiently constructed ecosystem. Designed to help both professionals and hobbyists, producing advanced, ambitious projects is seamless thanks to optimization and collaboration efforts contributed to this ecosystem. Engineers can easily create functional, end-use parts out of advanced materials using Ultimaker Cura software with their reliable Ultimaker S5, the Print CC Core, and on-board profiles. Users reap the invaluable benefits of the Ultimaker Materials Alliance through the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura which houses expert-tested profiles for numerous types and brands of filament—including NylonX and NylonG that come stock in this bundle.

Nylon infused with abrasive materials have quickly gained traction as ideal filaments for producing high-quality prints that are sturdy, functional and beautiful, straight from the print bed with no post-processing. Although they are a bit tricky to achieve warp-free prints due to the Nylon material, the reliable Ultimaker S5 is more than capable of successfully producing projects out of various advanced materials. In the Advanced Materials Bundle, you’ll find the CC Print Core designed to withstand abrasive materials, a LayerLock Garolite Build Surface engineered to provide strong bed adhesion for advanced materials, a PrintDry to properly store and dry filaments, and other items for producing quality, high-strength functional parts. Print engineering grade projects using the Advanced Materials Bundle in tandem with the incredible Ultimaker S5.


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