Bondtech DDS Upgrade for Creality3D CR-10S

The Creality CR-10S is a great 3D printer for beginners and hobbyists, offering good prints out of the box but truly shining as an upgraded platform for growth in the owner's knowledge and experience. Two of the best upgrades for any FFF 3D printer are the extruder and hotend, of which Bondtech and E3D are great choices. This Direct Drive System (DDS) combines a Bondtech BMG and E3D v6 hotend fully assembled and nearly plug-and-play with the Creality3D electronics.

Product No. M-7ZS-EEGD

Upgrade the hotend and extruder of your Creality CR-10S in one package with the Bondtech DDS

Bondtech extruders are valued for their Dual-Drive hardened steel extruders gears that provide reliable grip and a longer lifetime than other extruders when printing any material, but especially abrasives like NylonX. The Creality CR-10S is a community favorite 3D printer for its relatively low cost, making it approachable for those just getting started with desktop 3D printing or an affordable component of a self-built print farm. While the CR-10S works great out of the box, it, along with almost every other 3D printer on the market, can benefit from the addition of a Bondtech extruder. This fully-assembled replacement hotend is based on the Bondtech BMG and combines it with the E3D v6 hotend for a tried-and-true printing platform.

Fully assembled with Creality wiring harness

The Bondtech DDS upgrade is custom-built for direct compatibility with Creality electronics

Often times an extruder and/or hotend upgrade can become an intense project of hardware and electronics, but this upgrade kit from Bondtech is a fully assembled, drop-in replacement for the stock components. Complete with a pre-terminated wiring loom that connects directly to the Creality electronics box, this is the perfect choice for upgrade hungry users who are short of time.

Clean cable management for easy installation

The Bondtech DDS for Creality upgrades everything you need for amazing prints

Bondtech extruders are famous for their build quality and capacity for precision printing. The BMG combines the power and precision of dual-drive with a lightweight body to keep tool weight down. Feeding directly into an E3D v6 all-metal hotend enables printing with virtually any material (some may require a nozzle upgrade) to further expand the abilities of your CR-10S. For materials like PLA that require a part cooling fan, this upgraded tool head also includes a more powerful blower fan than the stock machine, helping produce cleaner parts when the material demands it.

Blower fan with duct

The Bondtech DDS for Creality is BLTouch bed leveling sensor ready

The ability to upgrade and add features is one of the best aspects of Creality 3D printers, and automatic bed leveling is a great feature to add. The community favorite option is the BLTouch sensor which is able to stow and deploy as well as allow for mesh bed leveling on almost any bed surface type. This hotend kit includes mounting holes and spacing for the later installation of a BLTouch sensor to enable automatic bed leveling on your CR-10S.

BLTouch Sensor (available separately) that can be added to the toolhead.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Extruder: Bondtech BMG
  • Extruder Gears: Hardened Dual-Drive
  • Hotend: E3D v6 1.75mm
  • Nozzle: E3D 1.75mm x 0.40mm Brass
  • Electronics: Connects directly to Creality Control Box
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