Creality3D Creality3D Ender 3 Max Neo 3D Printer Kit

The Ender 3 Max Neo 3D printer boasts a larger build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 320mm (11.8" x 11.8" x 12.6"), allowing for larger and more complex print projects. It ensures ultra-stability with its dual Z-axes, making it a reliable tool for precise 3D printing. The printer features a CR Touch that eliminates the need for manual leveling, making printing more convenient and user-friendly. The Ender 3 Max Neo can be assembled in just three steps, allowing you to start printing almost immediately. Its knob control is paired with a 4.3-inch screen and a vivid UI, making navigation and operation a breeze. The printer is designed with your comfort in mind, featuring a 32-bit silent mainboard that keeps noise output below 50dB, ensuring a quiet and conducive work environment. It also emphasizes safety with a quality power supply. Lastly, its full-metal extruder provides smooth feeding, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints.

  • Larger Build Volume of 300mm x 300mm x 320mm (11.8" x 11.8" x 12.6")
  • Ultra-Stability: Dual Z-axes for enhanced stability
  • CR Touch: No manual leveling
  • Easy Assembly: Start 3D printing after 3 easy assembly steps
  • Quiet Operation: 32-bit silent mainboard and noise output below 50dB
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Product No. M-5H7-FWN8
  • Larger Build Volume: The Ender 3 Max Neo 3D printer is designed with a larger build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 320 mm (11.8" x 11.8" x 12.6"), which is a significant advantage for those looking to create larger and more complex 3D print projects. This expanded build volume allows for greater flexibility and creativity, enabling users to print larger parts or multiple smaller parts simultaneously.
  • Ultra-Stability: Precision is key in 3D printing, and the Ender 3 Max Neo ensures this with its dual Z-axes. This feature enhances the stability of the printer, reducing errors and ensuring that each print is accurate to your design. Whether you're printing a complex model or a simple object, this ultra-stability will result in high-quality prints every time.
  • CR Touch: One of the most user-friendly features of the Ender 3 Max Neo is its CR Touch, which eliminates the need for manual leveling. This feature saves users time and effort, making the 3D printing process smoother and more convenient. It's a significant advantage, especially for beginners who might find manual leveling challenging.
  • Easy Assembly: The Ender 3 Max Neo is designed for quick and easy assembly, with just three steps needed to get it up and running. This feature allows users to start their 3D printing projects almost immediately, making the printer an excellent choice for those who value efficiency and convenience.
  • Quiet Operation: The Ender 3 Max Neo prioritizes comfort with its 32-bit silent mainboard. This feature ensures that the printer's noise output stays below 50dB, creating a peaceful work environment. It's a thoughtful design aspect that allows users to focus more on their creative process without being disturbed by excessive noise.

What are the Technical Specs of the Ender 3 Max Neo?

  • Molding Technology: FDM
  • Machine size: 516mm x 582mm x 590mm (20.3" x 22.9" x 23.2")
  • Build Volume: 300mm x 300mm x 320mm (11.8" x 11.8" x 12.6")
  • Package Dimension: 665mm x 555mm x 290mm (26.2" x 21.9" x 11.4")
  • Net Weight: 10.3kg (22.7 lbs)
  • Gross Weight: 13.5kg (29.8 lbs)
  • Printing Speed: ≤120 mm/s
  • Printing Precison: ±0.1mm
  • Layer Height: 0.05 ~ 0.35mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Quantity: 1
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (standard)
  • Nozzle Temperature: up to 260℃
  • Heat Bed Temperature: up to 100°C
  • Build Surface: Carborundum Glass
  • Extruder: Bowden Extruder
  • Extruder Material: Full-metal
  • Leveling Mode: CR Touch Auto-leveling
  • Display: 4.3'' Color Knob Screen
  • Mainboard: 32-bit Silent Mainboard
  • Resume Printing: Yes
  • Filament Sensor:Yes
  • Rated Voltage: 100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50 / 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 350W
  • Slicing Software: Creality Slicer / Cura / Repetier-Host / Simplify3D
  • Data Transmission Method: Micro USB / TF Card
  • 3D File Format: STL / OBJ / AMF
  • Supported Filament: PLA / ABS / PETG / Wood

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