UltiMaker UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer

The UltiMaker 2+ Connect is a powerful yet compact 3D printer noted for how reliable and easy-to-use a 3D printer it is for professional, industrial, and especially educational use.

Top UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer Features:

• Swappable nozzles - print with advanced materials
• Includes free Essentials software - upgrades available
• Includes two years of free warranty

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The UltiMaker 2+ Connect 

A Powerful, Easy-to-Use 3D Printer

The UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer is a reliable and easy-to-use machine that's great for professionals, educators, and any industrial or manufacturing applications. Equipped with all modern quality-of-life features that make printing easy, yet compact enough for any printing space.

Here are the key features of the UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D printer: 

  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Print with Most Materials
  • Automatic Bed Leveling 
  • Onboard Camera 
  • Free UltiMaker Essentials Software 

A Printing Environment that Works for You

The simple but powerful printing environment let's you customize the best tools and connectivity for your team.

  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity
  • Secure printing over the Cloud
  • Remotely watch you print jobs
  • Share across teams with Digital Factory
  • Customize Cura with slicer plugins
  • Cura Enterprise e-learning elevates team's skill
Join as many Ultimakers as you need on the same network for expanded projects

Upgrade with the Air Manager for Better, Cleaner Printing

The perfect upgrade for sensitive environments, providing printing consistency and extra user protection. The Air Manager connects directly to the printer and fan control is managed by material profiles to ensure the optimum environment.

  • Keep a consistent temperature for perfect ABS prints
  • Filter out any odor from the printing process
  • Keep hands off for safety

Print Right Away with Quick and Easy Startup and Upkeep

Immediately get to printing, designing, educating or iterating. A 0.25mm nozzle for detailed prints, a 0.8mm nozzle for fast drafts, or a 0.4mm nozzle for standard 3D print jobs, the UltiMaker 2+ Connect has the options you need.

  • Unbox and get printing in minutes
  • On-screen guidance at every step
  • Switch out nozzles in under 5 minutes
  • Effortlessly install multiple 3D printers
  • Get exclusive courses taught by experts

What materials are compatible with the Ultimaker S5 3D printer?

What Materials Can I Print with the UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer?

The UltiMaker 2+ Connect can handle nearly every material available for desktop 3D printing. Take full advantage of the UltiMaker Material Alliance Program through the UltiMaker Marketplace to get print profiles optimized for your favorite filaments, including advanced materials and composites like carbon fiber-infused NylonX and Ultrafuse Stainless Steel Metal filaments. Here is a list of 3D printing materials compatible with the UltiMaker 2+ Connect: 

  • PLA and Tough PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG and CPE
  • ASA
  • Nylon
  • TPU and TPE
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene

See How UltiMaker Customers are Succeeding

UltiMaker 3D printers are being used successfully in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and education.

Heineken: Ensuring production continuity with 3D printing

Increase productivity with Ultimaker Essentials

Streamline your Workflow with UltiMaker Essentials

UltiMaker Essentials is free with the UltiMaker S5, giving you the power to print remotely via cloud data with increased security and better print queue management.

  • Reprint from queue history easily to keep production moving.
  • Duplicate and reorder print jobs without reslicing.
  • Upgrade to UltiMaker's Enterprise software to increase team productivity on a larger scale.

Which UltiMaker 3D Printer is Right for Me?

UltiMaker has fine-tuned their robust line of 3D printers to have a solution for every user - find out which printer will best suit your specific need in our comparison article here or watch the video below. Here are some UltiMaker 3D printer features at a glance: 

  • UltiMaker S3: all the features of the S5, but with a more compact footprint starting at $4,450.

  • UltiMaker S5: powerful, large-format dual extrusion machine starting at $6,950.

  • UltiMaker S5 Pro Bundle: the S5 paired with the material station and air manager in one ecosystem starting at $10,800.

  • UltiMaker S7: powerful, large-format dual extrusion 3D printer with built-in Air Manager and plenty of upgraded features compared to the S5 - starting at $8,299.

What Comes with the UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer?


  • Glass Plate
  • Spool Holder
  • Power Adapter and Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB Stick
  • 0.4mm Nozzle (already installed)
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety and warranty information


  • PLA Filament (750g)
  • Glue Stick for Bed Adhesion
  • Oil & Grease for Maintenance


  • Hex Screwdriver (2 mm)
  • XY Calibration Sheet
  • Calibration Card
  • Nozzle Wrench

UltiMaker 2+ Connect 3D Printer Technical Specifications

What are the Dimensions for the 2+ Connect?

  • Assembled dimensions: 342 x 460 x 580 mm (13.5" x 18.1" x 22.8")
  • Net weight: 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs)

What are the UltiMaker 2+ Connect's printer properties?

  • Technology: Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
  • Layer Resolutions:
    • 200 - 20 micron with 0.4mm nozzle (stock)
    • 150 - 60 micron with 0.25 mm nozzle
    • 300 - 20 micron with 0.6 mm nozzle
    • 600 - 20 micron with 0.8mm nozzle
    • Additional print cores are available here
  • XYZ resolution: 12.5, 12.5, 5 micron
  • Build speed: < 24 mm³/s
  • Nozzle Temperature: 180 - 280 °C
  • Nozzle Heat Up Time: < 2 minutes
  • Print head: Single extrusion with swappable nozzles
  • Build volume (XYZ): 223 x 220 x 205 mm (8.7 x 8.6 x 8 in)
  • Build plate: Heated glass bed - 20 - 110 °C
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (included)
  • Compatible filament diameter: 2.85mm
  • Operating sound: < 50 dBA
  • Power input: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power output: 221 W
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

What is the Software for the UltiMaker 2+ Connect?

  • UltiMaker Cura: print preparation software (free)
  • UltiMaker Digital Factory: cloud-based printer management solution
  • UltiMaker Essentials: printer management software (free and available to upgrade for enterprise solutions)
  • Security: Data encryption in transit and at rest. Two-factor authentication
  • Supported OS: MacOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Supported File Types: STL, OBJ, X3D, 3MF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Printable Formats: G, GCODE, GCODE.gz, UFP
  • File Transfer: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

What is the Warranty for the UltiMaker 2+ Connect?

  • Warranty Period: 12 months standard
  • Upgradability: You extended the warranty with an UltiMaker Enhanced Service Plans

For more information, download the Product Data Sheet here

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