Duet3D Duet3D Duet 3 6HC 3D Printer Controller Board

The Duet 3 6HC Mainboard is the heart of a fully-featured and expandible 3D printer control ecosystem. With support for up to six stepper motors, four temperature sensors, and ten PWM outputs, this 3D printer controller is a great choice for full DIY builds or as an upgrade to existing hardware. Ethernet connectivity means you can connect the printer to your local network for web-based control, calibration, and firmware updates. Duet 3D is hard at work developing expansion boards that will connect via the onboard CAN bus and continue to add value to this board into the future. If you are looking for a cutting-edge, fully-featured 3D printer controller, the Duet3 may be the board for you.

  • fully featured and expandable
  • support up to 6 stepper motors & 10 PWM outputs
  • connect to the local network for web-based control
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Product No. M-1X8-786S

Add a multitude of powerful features to your 3D printer with the Duet 3 Mainboard

Anytime you set out to upgrade the capabilities of your 3D printer, you have a specific goal in mind. Whether it be 32-Bit operation, the ability to add a second hotend, quieter motion control, or network connectivity, there are many great 3D printer features that don't come standard on each and every machine. The Duet3 6HC Mainboard supports everything listed here and more, making it a great choice for your upgrade build, no matter the base machine. Running RepRap firmware just like the other Duet boards before it, those familiar with the Duet3D family of products will be right at home with this mainboard.

Everything your 3D printer needs, all in one controller

Trinamic Stepper drivers with quality of life and functional capabilities for a top-of-the-line experience

The Duet3 is built with Trinamic 5160 stepper driver boards built into the mainboard for seamless integration with your system. As the link between your Gcode and machine movement, stepper motor drivers are a very important aspect of any 3D printer or CNC machine. TMC5160's include the StallGuard 2 function for switch-less endstops, allowing your printer to simply butt up against the frame to have motion limits established. When this happens, the stepper drivers can detect a change in motor current, triggering the endstop. Also included is StealthChop2, one of our favorite Trinamic technologies here at MatterHackers. StealthChop2 creates virtually silent stepper motor movement, making your 3D printer quieter than ever before. Pair these driver boards with some stepper motor dampers and a well-lubricated axis for a 3D printer that you will have to watch to know it's even moving.

Powerful 32-bit process for smooth, high-quality operation

The Duet3 is built to be a premium experience today, but also to welcome continued expansion boards in the future

The Duet3 mainboard is all about forward motion, learning, and growth. Out of the box, this mainboard has everything required for a premium experience with any 3D printer geometry but also includes expansion ability for future development as well. A dedicated high-speed bus for a single-board computer such as the Raspberry Pi opens up a new world of customization by leveling your 3D printer up into a full-on computer. Nine I/O headers for connecting endstop switches, probes, filament detectors, or any other sensors you can think of gives you the space for everything required today with room for future growth. Temperature sensor support is up to four thermistors or PT100's and in the event more connections are needed the onboard CAN bus is future-proofing at it's best. The Controller Area Network connection will allow for connection to Duet3 specific expansion and tool boards.

Ethernet connection as well as I/O and PWM outputs everywhere

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware Version: 1.01
  • ARM Cortex M7 running at 300Mhz 32 bit processor
  • 6 on-board TMC2160 stepper driver boards
    • StallGuard 2
    • StealthChop 2
    • 4.45A RMS & 6.3A Peak current
    • 256th Microstepping
  • Dedicated SBC (Single Board Computer) connection
  • 2 CAN busses for future Duet 3D expansion boards
  • 10 PWM outputs
  • 9 I/O ports
  • 4 Temperature sensor inputs
    • Thermistors or PT100's with the use of optional daughterboards
  • Ethernet connectivity for network control
  • Firmware: RepRap

What's in the Box?

  • Duet 3 6HC MB
  • SBC Ribbon Cable
  • Custom connector parts - Build connectors to enable usage with any stepper motors
  • Sticker - To display your pride in using a Duet 3 board.

Everything included with the Duet3

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