Elegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4k Mono MSLA Resin 3D Printer

Astounding resin 3D printing is easily within your grasp with the Mars 3 Pro from Elegoo. This improved Mars SLA 3D printer is equipped with a 6.67" 4K monochrome LCD that cures resin in just 2 seconds per layer, significantly improving your printing output, without sacrificing the eye-popping detail of the HD LCD panel.

Elegoo put as much attention to detail in the construction of the frame itself, with a CNC machined aluminum body and the new sandblasted build plate, you can be sure the Mars 3 Ultra will hold up to thousands of hours of printing, creating beautiful results and batch printing with ease and consistency.

Product No. M-5FM-HZQ6
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Designed from the Ground Up for Accuracy and Robust 3D Printing

Monochromatic LCD panels feature dramatically longer lifespans and maintain a stable performance throughout even the largest print jobs. Paired with the consistent curing exposure of the powerful and reliable UV light source, you'll experience many more print hours on your Elegoo Mars 3 Pro, and fewer attempts to produce the parts and works of art you need.

Tech Specs

  • Printing Technology: MSLA
  • Print Volume: 89.6mm x 143.4mm x 175mm (3.5" x 5.7" x 6.9")
  • LCD Panel: 6-inch, monochrome
  • LCD Panel Resolution: 4098 x 2560 4k 
  • Filtration: Built-in active carbon
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