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Emblaser 2 is the affordable and accessible laser engraver and cutter must have appliance. This best in class desktop laser cutter can cut or engrave, providing you with truly gorgeous designs. The Emblaser 2 allows you to make incredible creations out of wood, acrylic, and more. At this excellent price, the Emblaser 2 is the perfect entry point for beginners who'd love to learn or experts who need a clean, quality desktop solution.

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Best in class notable product features of the Emblaser 2

  • Class I Solid State Diode Laser
  • Automatic Laser Optic Calibration
  • Automatic Laser Height Set and Control
  • Laser Enabling Switch
  • Built in Camera
  • WiFi Capability
  • Wide range Materials Supported

True 3D Cutting and Engraving

The Emblaser 2 allows you to adjust the height of the laser during the cutting or engraving process, allowing for the third dimension to be incorporated into your creations. This height adjustment occurs automatically, and allows for cutting through thicker materials and much greater depth in 3D engravings.

Tech Specs:

  • Workspace: 500mm x 300mm x 50mm (19.66″ x 11.81″ x 1.97")
  • Emblaser 2 Dimensions: 540mm x 720mm x 200mm (21.25" x 28.35" x 7.8")
  • Connectivity: USB or WiFi
  • Control Software: Lightburn (Windows, Max OSX, Linux)
  • Laser Type: Solid-State Diode, equivalent to 15-20watt CO2 laser
  • Laser Classification: Class I
  • Noise Level: 60-65 dB with the air-assist running

Designed to Engrave Subtle Details

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled, The Emblaser 2 solid-state laser and electronics has been designed to yield a very linear power curve. This allows very subtle details to be engraved.

Cut with a wide range of materials with the Emblaser 2

The Emblaser 2 community has tested and had excellent results with some materials that might surprise you!

It can cut:

  • Cotton
  • Felt
  • Copy Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic
  • Styrene
  • Balsa Wood
  • Hardwood Oak
  • Corkboard
  • Rubber
  • Leather

It can mark:

  • Slate
  • Anodized Aluminum

Click this link to download cutting specifications

Ensure clean air and accuracy with the Air-Assist

Cutting into any material generates some particulates that can be dangerous to breathe, and can affect the cleanliness of the cut, so the Emblaser 2 comes with the Air-Assist, an air compressor that will remove that nasty air away from the job at hand, and out through the included hose, so you can direct it out of your print space and keep your air clean.

The Air-Assist also ensures clear, clean air right at the point of cutting, ensuring the laser hits the media it needs to and isn't diffused by any particulate matter from the media itself. This improves the clarity and accuracy, so your projects are as sharp and beautiful as they need to be.

When setting up the air-flow for your Emblaser, placing the hose near a window should work well, but if you're in an enclosed area, or are especially sensitive to fumes, it's highly recommended that you connect your laser cutter/engraver to a fume extractor. The AD Access plugs right into the Emblaser's hose, and pulls all air in the work area into it's three layers of air filtration, using it's 106 CFM fans. The air then goes back into your work space, clean and safe and ready to breathe.

Never be in danger with Matter Ignition Alert

MIA is a system built into the Emblaser 2 which maintains a constant awareness of any potential ignition of material, which is a theoretical possibility with any laser cutter. If detected, MIA places the machine into a safety mode and sounds the warning alarm, so you're never in danger as you cut!

Create and design with the excellent Lightburn software created by Darklylabs

DarklyLabs has created the excellent machine control software Lightburn, the powerful and dynamic control platform software for the Emblaser 2. It has a simple drag and drop interface, similar to Carbide Create or Inventables Easel. You can design images and patterns in your favorite drawing or design platform, then import them into Lightburn to start using your Emblaser 2.

Each LightBurn license included with a new machine purchase will contain 10 activations. This will allow customers to install the software onto 10 different computers. By default, LightBurn licenses are 'system-locked', which means they are locked to the computer on which they have been installed. They can be de-activated and re-activated through the software to switch them between computers as required. Upon request, a customer can obtain extra activations at no extra cost, or inquire about getting a floating license.

Alternatively you may use open-source software such as LaserWeb. It has fewer bells and whistles, but could be a nice solution depending on your use-case.

Create more with the unprecedented 3 year warranty on the Laser Diode 

The diode laser in the Emblaser 2 is so well designed, that DarklyLabs has increased the laser's warranty to three years! An unprecedented amount of coverage, this means that if you have any trouble with your laser within the first three years of ownership, the manufacturer will replace it for you.

And of course, for the entire life of the machine, MatterHackers is here for you for any problems or questions. Your laser engraving days are covered! Now what will you make?

What's in the Box

  • The fully assembled printer
  • 4 cutting mats
  • Exhaust tube for venting fumes
  • A USB cable
  • 110-240v Power Adapter
  • A country specific power lead
  • Tools and a cleaning kit

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