Kodak Kodak Portrait 3D Printer Educational Bundle

Kodak has long been an expert at transforming the images and ideas from your mind into reality, and the Portrait dual extrusion 3D printer is the latest and greatest way to make that happen. All built into an eye-catching, sturdy steel frame, complete with HEPA filtration. Curated with educators, libraries, and makerspaces in mind, this bundle includes Kodak Portrait, 3D Printing Science Project book, 8 spools of our Matterhacker PRO series PLA, 2 spools of our Matterhacker MH Build PVA, and a 7-Day Print Lab Trial.

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We at MatterHackers support our educators, libraries, and makerspaces! With a 3D printer, not only will you have a new way to teach -- you’ll also have a new engaging way for your students to learn. Experience is one of the best routes to comprehending concepts and 3D printing allows for that through interactive creation. Teaching our next generation workforce to design and fabricate in 3D is the key to high-paying, creative jobs in every industry. We handled the complicated parts of set up and put together a bundle so you and your students can do more with time and creativity. MatterHackers provides unbiased guidance to get started (or stay current) with digital fabrication, including affordable desktop 3D printers, CNC mills, vacuum formers, laser cutters and engravers, and more. We offer free lifetime phone and email support for all 70+ machines and 1000+ materials we sell, free US shipping, discounts for educators and libraries, video tutorials, and classroom case studies.


  • Kodak Print
  • 8 PRO Series PLA
  • 2 MH Build PVA (0.5kg)
  • 3D Printed Science Projects Book
  • 7-Day Print Lab Trial

Take a Kodak with You

The Portrait is designed from the foundation up to keep you up to date on your prints even when you're away. The internal camera allows you to monitor your prints from any browser, and the integration of PrinterOS allows you to respond to the live feed with the touch of a button.

And if you're unable to keep an eye on your print, the run-out sensors on each extruder will sense if your spools has run out and will automatically pause, making sure your prints are present, even if you can't be.

The Magic of Prints that Develop in Front of Your Eyes

With dual extrusion, you can print projects and parts of incredibly complex design and architecture thanks to the PVA support filament that extrudes from the second extruder. Bridging becomes incredibly easy, and your ideas materialize in real-time. Once the print is complete, the support simply dissolves away in a water bath. No interface layers to cut away, no pile of unused filament wasted.

And with automatic nozzle lifting, the print head that's not extruding at any given moment simply lifts away, keeping your print safe as it develops in front of your eyes.

Kodak Simplicity

The Portrait 3D printer uses automatic calibration and bed leveling to ensure that every print starts out on a level surface. That first layer is the most important, and the headache of getting it to be perfect is taken away by the Portrait.

And the extensive library of Kodak filaments lets you select your perfect material and color for the print of your dreams. Or use the filament brand of your choice. The Portrait even supports abrasives, with its all-metal hotend.

Ready. Aim. Print.

Kodak as You Go

The Portrait isn't just equipped with all the best features, it's also designed with a structure that can hold up to years of constant use. With a steel frame, a precision ballscrew for the z axis, linear bearings for the y and z motion, a 32-bit print controller and built-in HEPA filtration, this is a 3D printer that's ready for engineering, educational or design applications.

There's even a unit-top light indicator that monitors printer status from anywhere in the shop, classroom, or showroom.

Tech Specs

  • Build volume: 200 x 200 x 235 mm (7.9 x 7.9 x 9.3”)
  • Hotend material: 1 all-metal, 1 PTFE
  • Nozzle size: 0.40mm x 1.75mm
  • Max nozzle temperature: 300C
  • Max build plate temperature: 105C
  • Build plate: Heated mirror attached by magnets
  • Layer resolution: 20 - 250 micron
  • XYZ accuracy: 12.5, 12.5, 2.5 micron
  • Display: 5” 800 x 480 color touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, LAN, USB drive, Cloud Printer Management
  • Physical dimensions: 455 x 435 x 565 mm
  • Unit weight: 24.4kg (53.8 lbs)
  • Power requirements Input: 110/230V - Auto Switching, 50-60Hz 320W max.
  • Power requirements Input: 14 V DC
  • Supplied software: Cloud management software powered by 3DPrinterOS
  • Supported materials: ABS, Flex 98, HIPS, Nylon 6, Nylon 12, PLA+, PLA Tough, PETG, and PVA


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