MatterHackers MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack 2.85mm

Introducing the MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack—the materials bundle designed to save you money producing professional parts out of an extensive collection of different filaments. This discounted bundle is perfect for 3D makers interested in exploring a variety of filament options in digital fabrication or are already producing professional end-use parts in different materials. Made in the USA, our PRO Series is engineered with a dimensional tolerance of ± 0.02mm for consistent top quality print results. This bundle comes with the following from our 2.85mm PRO Series line: PLA, Tough PLA, ABS, PETG and Nylon.

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This bundle contains a variety of PRO Series filaments in size 2.85mm. Manufactured in the USA to a tolerance of ± 0.02mm, all of our PRO Series materials work above the gold standard to deliver precise results.


Produce fine prints with an array of top quality materials using MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack. Engineered with efficient, reliable production in mind, PRO Series creates a higher quality solution for 3D makers who want to use various professional materials for a variety of professional projects⁠—all while saving a little extra on costs. Every spool manufactured under the MatterHackers PRO Series line is designed to provide consistent colors and uniform dimensional tolerances of ±0.02mm for the best end results that users can expect every time. If you are a hobbyist looking to elevate your 3D printing experience to the next level or an additive manufacturer looking for production-worthy digital fabrication materials, MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack is here with an assortment of filament to consistently get any job done smoothly and accurately.

*Nylon must be dry before printing to ensure success. If you do not own a storage system to keep filament dry, check out our filament drying system here.


Here at MatterHackers, we strictly strive to deliver the top tier quality product you pay for. With MatterHackers PRO Series 3D printing filaments, you get the best-of-the-best dimensional accuracy of ±0.02mm for reliable results. Funds dedicated to filament supply add up, which is why MatterHackers works hard to ensure the material that makers invest their hard earned money in returns consistent fantastic print quality for projects such as end-use part production. Accuracy is crucial when creating parts through digital fabrication which is why our experts pay attention to exact filament ovality, strict coloration guidelines, and definitive chemical patterns during the materials manufacturing process. Produce precise, professional 3D printed parts using a variety of materials from MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack.


MatterHackers PRO Series 3D printing filament is professional, high quality material manufactured with industry leading tolerances of ±0.02mm. Engineered to succeed above the gold standard, PRO Series filaments are the go-to materials for professional printing and end use parts.

  • Recommended Extrusion Temperatures
    • PLA: 205±15°C
    • Tough PLA: 210±30°C
    • ABS: 230±10°C
    • PETG: 245±10°C
    • Nylon: 240°C - 260°C
  • Recommended Print Bed Temperatures
    • PLA: May not be required (depending on bed surface). If used, set to 55±10°C
    • Tough PLA: 60°C
    • ABS: 90±10°C
    • PETG: 75°C
    • Nylon: 60°C
  • Spool Dimensions (Aprox.)
    • Total Diameter: 203mm
    • Inner Hole Diameter: 52mm
    • Width: 63mm
  • True Diameter: 2.85mm ±0.02mm
  • Made in the USA


Our goal is to help you succeed with your 3D printing experience which is why we have created many guides to help you create the highest quality 3D printed parts possible. Check out how to succeed below.


At MatterHackers we pride ourselves in offering various quality products for every maker on top of offering friendly service, advice, and support through our staff. Every day MatterHackers constantly works to include various products that streamline the 3D printing experience for makers of every experience level. Have a question about our MatterHackers PRO Series 3D Printing Filament Starter Pack? No problem. Feel free to give our friendly, knowledgeable staff a call.

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