Modix3D Modix BIG180X V4 3D Printer Kit

The Modix BIG-180X V4 is a large-scale 3D printer designed for professionals and innovators. It has a massive print volume of 1800×600×600mm and comes as a self-assembly kit. Known for its high-quality components, durability, and great price-performance ratio, it also offers upgrade options for customization. The printer uses top components from brands like E3D, Duet, and Hiwin, ensuring reliability and capacity for future upgrades.

  • Massive print volume of 1800×600×600mm
  • High-quality components
  • Heavy-duty design for robust output
  • Assembly & Installation Services Available
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Modix BIG-180X V4


Transform your manufacturing workflow with the Modix BIG-180X 3D Printer. With a massive print volume of 1800×600×600mm, premium components, and modular construction, this powerhouse digital manufacturing machine is ideal for professionals and passionate innovators who produce for large-than-life projects.

Key Features of the Modix BIG-180X V4 3D Printer Kit:

  • Large Print Volume: 1800×600×600mm
  • Assembly: Self-Assembly Kit
    • Need installation assistance or training? Request a quote for more info.
  • High-quality components used for reliability
  • Heavy-duty design to withstand robust output
  • Upgrades/Add-ons available for full customizable control
  • Fantastic price-to-performance ratio


For experienced FDM printing users, Modix offers large 3D printers with some of the market's largest print volumes. Produce huge models in one complete piece for stronger finished parts and shorter post-processing time.

Incorporating top-quality components from reliable renowned brands like E3D, Duet, and Hiwin, Modix printers are designed for heavy-duty use and modularity, anticipating potential future upgrades to keep up with the continuously evolving 3D printing market.

Large soda bottle 3D printed on a Modix 3D printer
Modix 3D printer


Modix 3D Printers are sold as self-assembly kits, offering many advantages such as hands-on knowledge of your printer, high-cost savings, and flexibility in machine placement within your production facility. Assembling the printer enhances your ability and confidence to upgrade, maintain, and customize it, ensuring its longevity in your workflow.

Each Modix kit includes physical and online assembly instructions full of detailed step-by-step guides, video demonstrations, and 3D models of sub-assemblies, making the assembly process straightforward and intuitive.


Modix's design philosophy centers on modularity, providing customers with the freedom to choose filament, slicing software, and printer upgrades. New upgrades and components, like air filters and print head configurations, are regularly evaluated for compatibility.

Depending on the model, upgrades may already be included or can be easily added at purchase, allowing customization to personal budgets and needs. Modix also publishes optional customization guides through their online service portal, supporting any desired upgrades.

Expedited shipping is available for Modix 3D printer kits at MatterHackers


Need your printer faster? MatterHackers offers an Expedited Shipping option which ships the kit directly from Modix's overseas warehouse via Air Freight instead of Ocean Freight.

The shipment clears US Customs, arrives at Modix's US-Based warehouse, and then ships directly to the end customer. Customers are not expected to receive any additional Customs, Duties, or Taxes on the Import.

Note: Expedited shipping is an additional charge on top of standard freight shipping fees.

Request this option at time of purchase. We cannot change shipping methods from Ocean Freight once an order has been accepted.

Contact or click "Request a Quote" to inquire about this option.

What Upgrades Are Available with the Modix BIG-180X 3D Printer Kit?

IDEX +$900
Independent Dual Extrusion add on for the Modix BIG-180X 3D printer IDEX = Independent Dual Extruder

Easily print advanced models with internal geometries by having one
printhead extrude the core thermoplastic material and use the other
to extrude water-soluble support filament

  • Secondary printing subsystem: Griffin print head, clog detector,
    PTFE, spool mount.
  • Motion system: secondary Y axis motor with the required
    components (belts, pulleys etc.).
  • Metal brackets for both Y axis and print heads
  • Wires, drag chains and optical end-stops.
Tilt Screen +$200
Tilt Screen add on for the Modix BIG-180X 3D printer This upgrade is a combination of the following:
  • Screen is mounted on an articulated arm for easier access
    (adjust height, rotate screen, etc).
  • Frontal power switch installation (convenient access)
  • Large (secondary) emergency button (improved accessibility)

The "Standard" option means that the screen will be attached directly
to the printer (no flexible mobility), no frontal power switch, and only
one emergency button.
Magnetic Bed +$1530
Magnetic Bed add on for the Modix BIG-180X 3D printer

Magnetic beds make part removal easier.

One side is coated with PEI, providing a textured bottom surface, and
the other side is applied with a PEI sheet for a smooth, glossy bottom

Each bed is 660*660mm in size so a total of 3 pieces are provided to
cover the entire printer's build surface.

Active Air Filter +$900
Air Filter add on for the Modix BIG-180X 3D printer An external three-phase filter device that repeatedly cleanses the air
during the printing process through a pre-filter (for dust), then HEPA
(for sub-micron particles), and finally through the active carbon filter
(for fumes).

This is a MUST-HAVE upgrade if you intend to print with any plastic
beyond PLA (PETG, ABS, etc.).
Extended Warranty +$1000
Extended Warranty add on for the Modix BIG-180X 3D printer Extend your standard warranty coverage from one year to two.

Reminder: Warranties do not cover degradable (PEI sheet and
nozzles) and consumables.

Want to learn more about these upgrades? See our Features section.

Modix Printer Model Comparison

Modix BIG-60 3D Printer Modix BIG-120X 3D Printer Modix BIG-120Z 3D Printer Modix BIG-METER 3D Printer Modix BIG-180X 3D Printer
Model BIG-60 BIG-120X BIG-120Z BIG-METER BIG-180X
Print Volume
600 × 600 × 660mm

~23.6" × 23.6" × 26"
1200 × 600 × 640mm

~47.2" × 23.6" × 25.2"
600 × 600 × 1200mm

~23.6" × 23.6" × 47.2"
1010 × 1010 × 1010mm

~39.7" × 39.7" × 39.7"
1800 × 600 × 600mm

~70.8" × 23.6"× 23.6"
Machine Size
906 × 1060 × 1356mm

~35.6" × 41.7" × 53.4"
1556 × 1060 × 1506mm

~61.2" × 41.7" × 59.2"
906 × 1060 × 1916mm

~35.6" × 41.7" × 75.4"
1739 × 1424 × 1808mm

~68.4" × 56" × 71.1"
2630 × 1060 × 1573mm

~85.4" × 41.7" × 62"
Shipping Weight 120 KG
~265 lbs
170 KG
~325 Ibs
140 KG
~265 Ibs
200 KG
~440 Ibs
210 KG
~465 Ibs
Enclosure Optional Optional Optional Included Included
IDEX Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Z Axis Guides Hiwin Rails

Hiwin Rails

Hiwin Rails
Hiwin Rails
Hiwin Rails
Expansion board
Included Included Included Included Included
Tilt screen &
emergency button
Optional Optional Included Included Optional
Casters Optional Optional Optional Included Included
Base Price 4,900 USD 7,500 USD 7,500 USD 13,500 USD 15,500 USD
Packing lists Big-60 Big-120X Big-120Z Big-Meter Big-180X

What Features are Available on Generation 4 Modix 3D Printers?

Modix Generation 4 introduces advanced capabilities such as internal geometry printing, faster print speeds, reduced post-processing time, and enhanced reliability. Like previous versions, this new generation was designed with backward compatibility in mind so owners of Modix’s printers enjoy upgrades from time to time in both configurations and hardware. These updates expand the possibilities of the Modix ecosystem, ensuring a cutting-edge experience for users.

All Modix 3D printers in the Generation 4 line share the same core design based on Modix BIG-60 V4.

Some models have varying upgrades that are included instead of optional.
See below what you can expect:

Chassis & Enclosure

Crafted from solid 40x40 T-slot aluminum profiles, the chassis features powder-coated laser-cut aluminum brackets and joints. The 3mm black Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) enclosure, available for purchase or included on select models, enhances stability and environmental control.

  • Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles
  • Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joints
  • Enclosure – Closed enclosure made of 3mm black Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)
Image of Modix BIG-120Z 3D printer with the enclosure installed

Electronic Controller

Modix printers are powered by the Duet 2 WiFi 3D printer controller, a reliable and widely supported platform for professional 3D printers. Enjoy a seamless printing experience with the following benefits:

  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor
  • Dedicated WiFi module with external antenna
  • Quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers (up to 256 micro-stepping)
  • High-speed uSD card + support for a second external SD card (if required)
  • Dual extruders are controlled on the main board, up to 5 additional stepper motor drivers are controlled on the DUEX expansion board.
  • High Power rating: Each stepper driver is capable of 2.8A motor current, currently limited in software to 2.4A.
  • Access the printer via a PC, tablet or smartphone on a local network.
  • Set up and control your printer through the web interface.
Duet 2 WiFi board for Modix 3D printers


All Modix printer kits are delivered with the electronic expansion board named “Duex 5”. A dedicated stepper motor driver is allocated for each Z and X axis motor. As a result, Modix is now offering a full set of automated calibration routines including:

  • Bed tilting calibration
  • Bed leveling
  • Gantry alignment
  • Z offset calibration


  • Touch Screen- 7-inch Duet3D touchscreen integrated with the controller
    • An emergency stop button is equipped next to the screen on all Generation 4 printers. The stop button resets the Duet controller and stops printing immediately.
    • An optional large secondary emergency button can be installed with the Tilt upgrade.
  • Web Interface – WiFi web access for remote control from either mobile or PC. Upload print files directly from your workstation


Included on all Modix 3D printers is the Griffin Print Head, a collaborative creation comprising a custom Bondtech extruder (based on the BMG model) and a new hotend designed by Modix. Improvements include:

  • High Flow Rate & High Printing Temperatures: The Bondtech extruder features a double drive-gear system and a nickel-coated copper heat-block for enhanced heat transfer and high-temperature compatibility. It incorporates a Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break and an upgraded PT-1000 temperature sensor, supporting printing up to 500°C.

  • Increased Reliability: The new design minimizes risk of print-head damage via a three-faced, rigid heat-block mount for higher impact resistence. It also accommodates the longer E3D Super Volcano with a dedicated adapter, enhancing reliability and versatility.

  • Streamlined User Experience: The redesigned print-head architecture simplifies nozzle replacements, facilitated by the secure, single-handed heat-block detachment. This seamless process ensures effortless transition between various nozzle diameters, amplifying user convenience.

  • Effortless Switch: The novel mounting bracket design and the D shaft configuration of the Slice Engineering heat-break synergize to enable swift and hassle-free substitution of the entire filament melting subsystem. This innovation empowers users to swiftly transition between dedicated setups tailored for specific filament types—be it abrasive carbon-infused filament or PLA prototypes.

  • Condensed Design: The enhanced print-head design retains the compactness of its predecessor while preserving generous Z-axis travel capabilities. This thoughtful evolution harmonizes seamlessly with the extensive range of E3D Volcano nozzles, encompassing an array of sizes and materials.

  • Smart Calibration: The upgraded print-head enables automatic Z offset calibration between the nozzle and the BL Touch probe, streamlining the calibration process. A dedicated sensor ensures accurate calibration and stores the relative distance between the probe and the nozzle.

Griffin PrintHead on a Modix 3D Printer

Griffin Hotend for the Modix 3D printer lineup

Note that for temperatures surpassing 300°C, it is essential to replace the brass nozzle with a higher-temperature compatible alternative.


With Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) technology, the Modix printer can print models with internal geometries and dense support layers. This add-on improves print quality, reduces post-processing effort, and enhances success rates for complex prints.

IDEX is an optional upgrade for all Generation 4 printers and includes the following:

  • Secondary Printing Subsystem: Includes the Griffin print head, clog detector, PTFE, and spool mount.
  • Motion System: Incorporates a secondary Y-axis motor along with necessary components such as belts and pulleys.
  • Metal Brackets: Equips both the Y-axis and print heads with sturdy metal brackets.
  • Wires, Drag Chains, and Optical End-stops: All essential wiring, drag chains, and optical end-stops are thoughtfully included.

IDEX upgrade available on Modix 3D printers


Modix's IDEX also serves as an automatic filament changer, capable of switching between print heads automatically upon detecting filament run-out when using the same filament type. Benefits of this innovation include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: This IDEX Filament Changer eliminates downtime, allows continuous operation, and saves valuable time by autonomously switching between spools and minimizing the need to constantly monitor and maintain the printer.
  • Elevated Print Precision: Not only does this save time but it also enhances print quality. Avoiding frequent enclosure openings to do filament changes maintains chamber temperature. This prevents model shrinkage resulting in fewer defects.

IDEX used as an automatic filament changer on a Modix 3D Printer


The optional Super Volcano hotend high flow add-on is based on the E3D super volcano heat-block and nozzle and ideal for fast printing of large, bulky objects and stronger, single-walled vase mode style objects. It's delivered with a stabilizing CNC-made mounting bracket, reducing vibrations for high print quality.

Add-On Includes:

  • E3D SuperVolcano Heater Block
  • 1mm Brass Nozzle
  • Slice Engineering Bi-Metal Heat-Break
  • 80W Heater
  • CNC Adapter
  • Blower Fan & Duct
Optional Super Volcano hotend add on available for Modix 3D printers

Tilt Screen & Emergency Button & Frontal Power Switch

The Tilt Screen is mounted on an articulated arm for user-friendly convenience. Effortlessly adjust the screen left, right, upward, or downward to ensure optimal visibility and ease of use.

The (secondary) Emergency Reset Button resides on the machine's front panel for swift access. Ensure immediate interruption of print jobs whenever necessary for even more control and safety.

The Frontal Power Switch is an easily accessible power on/off button positioned at the front. This is useful when the printer is situated in confined spaces.

User operating their Modix 3D printer with the Tilt Screen upgrade


Benefit from precision motion with HIWIN linear guide rails, Z ball screws, reinforced belts, and NEMA motors. Achieve travel speeds up to 350 mm/sec for fast and efficient production.

  • HIWIN MGW9H linear guide rails
  • Four Z ball screws for Z axis movement. 12mm diameter, 4mm pitch
  • 9 mm width Gates GT2 timing belt, reinforced with fiberglass
  • Motors: X & Z Axis: NEMA-23,  Y Axis: NEMA-17
    • Mechanical position accuracy: X-10 Micron, Y-10 Micron,  Z-0.5 Micron
  • Print speed (based on 0.4mm nozzle):
    • Up to 100 mm/sec – normal quality
    • Up to 250 mm/sec – draft / non functional infill
    • Up to 350 mm/sec – travel
    • Larger nozzles normally are required to print slower but provide parts much faster due to a reduced number of layers.
Modix 3D printers use HIWIN linear guide rails

Modix 3D printers use NEMA stepper motors


  • Support both 110V and 230V
  • For electronics: Meanwell 24V 280W Power Supply
    • Protections: Short / Over-load / Over-voltage / Over-heating.
    • No load power consumption<0.5W
    • LED indicator for power on
    • Aviation grade switches and connectors
  • Heat Bed AC powered heater 1370 Watt
  • PID bed heater controller by Autonic
  • BIG METER and 180x require 208-240V, 32A connections
    • North America customers: NEMA L6 30P 30A outlet
    • EU/AU/UK customers: IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet
  • Tripp Lite PDU for meter and 180x
    • North American customers:
    • EU/AU/UK customers:
Power supply for the Modix 3D printer


Modix 3D printers use a 6.35mm Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum plate made in the U.S. Its 1370W (1200W for 110V users) AC powered bed heater requires a dedicated independent 15A AC source. If you need to print small objects 200×200mm or less in size, utilize the dual heating zones for lower power consumption. All printers achieve a max bed temperature of 110°C (w/ enclosure) and come stock with a PEI film print surface you can apply directly to the bed.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Magnetic Bed upgrade. This optional feature improves user experience and saves time by allowing immediate removal of printed objects instead of waiting for the cool down. It includes an adhesive magnetic sheet that attaches to the aluminum bed plate, a removable dual-sided spring steel plate for textured or glossy bottom layer finishes, and simplifies maintenance by facilitating easy PEI replacement.

Removable flexible steel build plate on a Modix 3D printer


Utilize the open-source Duet RepRap firmware and choose from popular slicers for customization. Users can choose from any available slicer and 3D printer controller.

Modix printers are compatible with:

  • Slic3r
  • Cura
  • Simplify3D
Simplify3D is one of the popular software used for Modix 3D printers

Specific printer configurations are supplied in the customer zone.


All Modix 3D printer now comes with a Clog Detector which comes with a custom highly sensitive encoder capable of detecting for following potential failures:

  • Hot-end clogs
  • Knots in the filament spools
  • Filament run-out
  • Under extrusion (i.e. when nozzle temperature is too low,  nozzle is too close to the bed, etc.)

When a failure is detected, the printer pauses, and the print job can be saved.

Clog Detector feature included on all Generation 4 Modix 3D printers


The Modix Active Air Filter (MAAF) is an external device designed to purify the printer's chamber from fumes and particles during 3D printing without affecting print quality. Use the Frontal Speed Selector to keep airflow speed low during printing and bump it up at the end for thorough cleansing afterward. Using a multi-layer filtering system, it maintains a continuous air cleansing process.

Sub-micron particles and fumes from melted plastic can pose health risks so this upgrade is highly recommended when printing with materials beyond PLA or in rooms without proper ventilation.

  • Removes micro-particles and fumes
  • Utilizes three-filter system
    • Pre-Filter (for large particles)
    • HEPA Filter (for tiny particles)
    • Active Carbon Filter (for fumes)
  • Reduces health risks, especially when printing beyond PLA (PETG, ABS, Nylon, etc.)
  • Airflow control maintains temperature during printing and thorough cleansing afterward
  • Spare filters required every 3 to 12 months, indicated by a front panel alert.

External active air filter device upgrade is available for purchase with every Modix 3D printer three filter system in the Modix Active Air Filter upgrade


Every Modix 3D printer now includes this additional layer of safety in rare cases where the BL-Touch bed leveling probe fails and this failure is not detected by the printer controller.

The detector will prevent the print head from crashing into the bed plate.


The PDU is a very convenient cable management solution. Connect one cable instead of three AC cables to the wall for peace-of-mind organization.

PDU is either included or available for additional purchase on specific Modix 3D printer models


Modix 3D printers' print heads support almost any existing filament including:

Any filament from any vendor can be used.

Print MatterHackers NylonG Glass Fiber 3D Printer Filament on the Modix 3D printer


The spool mounting shelf gets a refreshed design inGeneration 4, which now enables mounting 8kg 3D printer filament spools.

8kg spool filament shelf on a Modix 3D printer

Technical Specifications

Machine 3D Printer
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) /
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Print Volume
(W × D × H)
(~70×23.6×23.6 inch)
Machine Dimensions
(W × D × H)
(~85.4×41.7×56.3 inch)
Shipping Weight 200kg (440.9 lb)
Assembly Self-Assembly Kit
Closed Print Chamber Included
Enclosure Type Aluminum composite panels (ACP), 3mm thick.
Polycarbonate doors and top lid
Feet Articulated leveling feet included, Casters included
Number of Print Heads 1 × Griffin Print Head
- Optional Upgrade: IDEX
Default Filament Diameter 1.75mm
- Can be converted to 3mm by the user
Extruder Brand & Model Modix Griffin Printhead (Based on Bondtech BMG)
Hotend Brand & Model Modix Griffin Printhead
Included Nozzles

Volcano Brass 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm Primary hotend


  • If printing composite filaments, abrasive-
    resistant nozzles are required for printing
    composite filaments.
    • Nozzle X Volcano Nozzles (for Griffin)
    • Nozzle X v6 Nozzles (for Griffin High-
      Resolution Printhead)
  • If printing beyond 300°C, use the appropriately
    rated nozzle for your application.
    • Nozzles that come stock on the Griffin and
      High-Resolution Printheads are Volcano
      Brass, rated up to 300°C
    • For nozzles rated up to 500°C, check
      out Plated Copper Nozzles
      • Choose "Volcano" sizes for the
        Super Volcano and Griffin
      • Choose "v6" sizes for the Griffin High
        Resolution printhead
      • Choose "SuperVolcano" sizes for the
        SuperVolcano printhead
    • Nozzle X is rated up to 450°C
Hotend Max. Temperature 500°C
  • if using the default Griffin Printhead or optional
    E3D SuperVolcano Printhead
  • if using the optional Griffin High-Resolution
Extruder Motors Motech MT-1703HS168A
Direct drive extruders gear reduction of 1:3
Filament Runout Sensor Dedicated sensor per extruder
X & Y Axis Linear Guides HIWIN MGW9
Z Axis Guides HIWIN MGW9
X & Y Axis Drive System Gates GT2 width: 9mm, fiberglass reinforced
Z Axis Drive System SFU1204 Ball screw 2:5 belt gear reduction
X-Axis Motors 2 × Motech MT-1705HS200A
Y-Axis Motors 1 × Motech MT-1705HS200A
Z-Axis Motors 4 × Motech MT-1705HS200A
Resolution (XYZ) 4 × 4 × 0.5 micron
(based on 0.4mm nozzle)
Up to 100 mm/s – normal quality
Up to 250 mm/s – draft / non-functional infill
Up to 350 mm/s – travel
Printing Acceleration Up to 1000 mm/s2
Bed Plate Alcoa Mic-6, 6.35mm milled cast aluminum plate
Number of Heaters 3 × AC heater, 1,350 Watt, Triple zone
Temperature Controller Autonics TCN4 PID controller
Max. Bed Temperature 110°C (w/ Enclosure)
Bed Leveling Probe BL Touch Probe
Bed Leveling Bed shape is measured by probing 100 different points.
Bed Tilt Leveling Semi-Automatic, guided by an on-screen macro
Bed Motion System 4 × ball-nut screws

Each screw is mounted to a dedicated stepper motor
with a belt gear system
Electronic Controller Duet3D: Duet2 Wifi & Duex5 Expansion board
User Interface 7” Touch screen – PanelDue from Duet3D
Remote Control (WiFi) Upload Gcode files right from your desktop
Direct Connectivity SD Card, USB cable
Ethernet Optional with Duet3D Ethernet board.
Should be purchased and replaced by customer
Electronics (DC) Power Meanwell 24V/280Watt power supply powering the
electronic and motion system.

Universal AC input: 110-230V, 50/60 Hz
Bed Heaters (AC) Power

Minimal Electricity requirements:
32A, single phase, 208-240V:

  • N. America customers: NEMA L6-30P outlet
  • EU/AU/UK: IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet


I would like help assembling and installing my Modix - can MatterHackers help?

Yes! We offer assembly, installation, and maintenance services for all Modix printers. You can learn more about that here

How long will it take to my purchase from MatterHackers to be shipped?

Items purchased from MatterHackers will be shipped from the manufacturer's US-based warehouse. There may be a lead time on orders, depending on stock availability

Can I return a 3D printer kit if it has been opened?

Returns will not be accepted for any opened 3D printer kit. New, unopened 3D printer kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase.

What kind of support does MatterHackers provide for warranty replacement components?

MatterHackers provides support for warranty replacement components. Assembly instruction, troubleshooting, and technical support are provided directly by the Modix Support team.

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