Peopoly Peopoly Moai 200 Laser SLA 3D Printer - Fully Assembled

The Peopoly Moai 200 Laser SLA 3D printer features the professional and detailed printing of an SLA machine, at a dramatically enlarged size from the classic Moai, while improving accuracy even in the borders of the print area. With a new and improved print area of 200mm x 200mm x 250mm, and the upgraded laser accuracy that allows every portion of the build area to be utilized, fine detail has been paired with enormous printability--300% larger print volume with the same high resolution as the original Moai by Peopoly. As a result, the Moai 200 works best with the Peopoly Moai Hi-Temp Nex Resin.

The Moai 200 is fully assembled and is ready to use, right away.

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Maximum Compatibility for Seamless Integration

Making the jump from FDM to SLA 3D printing is a big change, luckily the Moai makes it easy by using Gcode - the same file type used by FDM machines. Instead of moving the nozzle around the build area, it's just the laser that travels and cures the resin to create your part. Slice your part in Peopoly's slicer Asura, export the Gcode to an SD card and the Moai will do the rest! This seamless upgradeability makes the Moai the perfect 3D printer to start using resin-based SLA machines.

Best Tech From Day One

Peopoly developed exciting new tech during the first year of the original Moai that has been poured directly into the design of the Moai 200. The new resin vat for the Moai 200 has a layer of FEP film, which decreases the amount of resin that adheres to it, which means more resin for printing! As the FEP film is used up, this new design allows you to disassemble it and apply more FEP film, for continued use. Replacement FEP film sheets and vats for the Moai 200 will be available soon.

They've also designed the Moai 200 with industrial grade dual linear rails system to ensure stability in movement and support during printing, and improved adhesion on the new build plate, all while decreasing the peel force, and that means that printing isn't just bigger, it's also smoother.

Finally, the Moai 200 comes with the Heater Module installed. Designed to keep the internal chamber over 25C, the Heater is sensor controlled and comes with its own power supply, separate from the Moai SLA printer. By keeping the temperature within the 27 - 35C range, resin viscosity issues are eliminated, and your Moai 200 will print like a dream.

All these improvements mean an improved material is required for the best print results, so make sure to use Hi-Temp Nex Resin in your Moai 200--specially formulated for this exciting new SLA machine!

Visibility and Clarity

The Moai 200 isn't just more powerful, it's also easier to use. With the new and improved Asura software, Peopoly has designed a slicer to be completely in sync with their machine, and with the upgraded interface, you now have full access to the laser settings, power level, exposure time and galvo travel speed. Nothing is stopping you from harnessing the quality and power of the Moai 200.

Technical Specifications

  • Build Volume: 200 x 200 x 250 mm
  • Laser Point Size: 70 microns
  • Laser Wavelength: 405 nm
  • Laser Power: 150 mW
  • Layer Height: 10 - 200 microns
  • Recommended Resin: Hi-Temp Nex Resin
  • Connectivity: SD Card
  • Slicer: Asura (included) or Cura
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Shipping Notice

Please note that, due to its size and weight, this product cannot be shipped to a PO Box. If you have any questions or would like help making shipping arrangements, please contact

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