MatterHackers CleanTip Heater Block

This MatterHackers CleanTip™ aluminum Heater Block is coated with ultra-low friction Tungsten Disulfide, resulting in less mess and easier cleaning! Manufactured in the USA.

Note: The heater block design has been updated to match the v6 heater block for sensor cartridges.

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Product No. M-WDG-CQAT

If you've had your 3D printer for more than a few weeks, you know it doesn't take long for your heater block to go from this:

to this...

Our new CleanTip™ Nozzles and Heater Blocks are the solution. Coated with ultra-low friction Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), no filament sticks to our stainless steel nozzles and aluminum heater blocks.

Tungsten Disulfide is a really cool material. It has even less friction than PTFE and is heat resistant up to 650°C.

These photos show an uncoated heater block (left) and a coated block (right) after approximately 1 month of printing:

When your hot end is up to temperature, it wipes clean with virtually anything. No more baked on filament mess or difficult nozzle swaps due to crusty old filament.

Note: This heater block is a direct replacement for E3D v6 hot ends, and if you don't have any of the hardware for assembly, you will also need the E3D Fixings Kit so you can install this Heater Block into your hotend assembly.

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