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Proto-Pasta 3D Printing Filament

Founded by Dustin Cram, and based out of the ProtoPlant in Vancouver, Washington, Proto-pasta creates an amazing line of quality composites, HTPLA and metallic filaments and more! Connecting with the community to create new colors honoring members of the 3D printing world, as well as making consistent HTPLA materials in matte and smooth finishes, and great metallic filaments puts Proto-pasta at the top of the list for fun materials.

Proto-Pasta Collections

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Technical Specifications
  • Filament Diameters available: 1.75mm and 3.00mm
  • Matte fiber HTPLA does not require a hardened nozzle.
  • Metallic filaments are abrasive and require a hardened nozzle or an Olsson Ruby nozzle for 3D printing.
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