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Modix large-format 3D printer kits are some of the largest and most affordable 3D printers available today. With available add-ons, you can customize your Modix 3D printer to fit your needs when 3D printing massive parts. Modix large-format 3D printers are great for prototyping large components for automotive and aerospace manufacturing to creating furniture-sized end-use parts. 

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Modix Large 3D Printers

Modix is a manufacturer of high-quality, heavy-duty, customizable large 3D printers. With meticulously selected premium components you are getting the highest standard possible for your large 3D printer. The Modix printer comes delivered as self-assembly kits to control configuration and easily upgrade parts all within your budget. With a wide selection of configurations your options are endless.

What are the advantages of Large 3D Printers?

Experienced 3D printer users can develop more with a larger 3D printer. Large 3D printers are able to print larger pieces, strong parts, save time on post-processing ( no need to match smaller parts and hide seams) as well as large batch productions. Each Modix printer is comprised of the highest quality components and sourced from some of the best-known brands in the industry, such as E3D, Duet, and Hiwin to name a few. In addition to using premium components every aspect of Modix 3D printers, from the Chassis to the Motion system, has been designed with heavy-duty use in mind while also remaining modular enough for any future upgrades and new technologies that may disrupt the market as 3D printing evolves.

What has been printed on a Modix?

With a large printer like Modix the options are endless, some of the prints by users are as follows:

  • 1.6-meter canon restoration
  • Enclosure parts for robots
  • Motorcycle motor cover
  • Bronze case mold
  • Goodyear farm tire
  • Cutting blade cover
  • PCB manufacturing Jig
  • Tall prosthetic leg cover

Why is Modix a self-assembly 3D Printer?

Modix is a self-assembly 3D printer that allows compact packing, independent maintenance, a wide range of upgradeability, and is a great hands-on approach to better understand the motion system. Self-assembly can also be a preferred method in understanding what to upgrade and how. It is intentionally designed to be tailored to the customer's experience and specific needs. The Modix is a way to build your ideal 3D printer!

Which Modix 3D Printer is right for me?

As Modix 3D printers all start their lives as kits, it’s incredibly modular and easy to manufacture different variations in machine size and build volume. Features, hardware, and usability is virtually identical across different models, with the main difference being the build volume dimensions:

What materials can I print with the Modix?

Whether you’re using one or two Titan Aero extruders, expect excellent control of flexible filaments like PRO Series Flex or TPU while the adjustable extruder gear tensioner gives you the ability to try different settings for harder or softer materials. Here is a list of 3D printing materials compatible with the Modix:

  • PLA and Tough PLA
  • ABS and ASA
  • PETG and CPE
  • Nylon
  • NylonX, NylonK, and NylonG (with a sold-separately hardened steel nozzle)
  • Ultrafuse 316L and 17-4 PH
  • TPU and TPE
  • PVA and Soluble Supports (when used as a support material in the second extruder)
  • Polycarbonate
  • View all compatible materials here.

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