Formlabs Formlabs Castable Wax Resin (1L) for Form 4


Formlabs Castable Wax Resin is designed for precision casting in dental and jewelry applications, featuring a 20% wax fill and zero ash content for clean burnout and smooth finishes without post-curing. It excels in printing intricate designs with high strength and stiffness, ensuring fine detail retention. Compatible with various Formlabs printers, it simplifies the production process, offering fast, reliable casting with easy support removal.

  • Zero ash content for clean burnout
  • No post-cure required, ready-to-use parts
  • High strength for ultrafine structure printing
  • Cartridge compatible with Form 4 series 3D printers
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Formlabs Castable Wax Resin

Precision Casting Made Simple

Formlabs Castable Wax Resin offers unparalleled precision and ease for creating intricate castings in both dental and jewelry applications. With a 20% wax fill and zero ash content, this resin ensures clean burnout and smooth surface finishes, eliminating the need for post-curing. Ideal for dental prosthetics and delicate jewelry designs, it boasts high strength and stiffness, allowing for the printing of ultrafine structures with excellent shape retention. Compatible with a range of Formlabs printers and resin tanks, Castable Wax Resin streamlines your workflow, enabling faster production and reliable casting with minimal effort.

Key Features of the Castable Wax V1 Resin:

  • Clean burnout with zero ash content
  • No post-cure required, ready-to-use printed parts
  • Smooth surface finish, easily removable support tips
  • High green strength for shape retention of thin patterns
  • Ideal for direct investment casting, custom try-ons, and thin pieces with fine details

Dental, Jewelry
Fine Details
Form 4 / 4B
Form 3L / 3BL
Form 3+ / 3B+
Form 3 / 3B
Form 2
Resin Tank(s) [RT]
Form 4 / 4B RT
Form 3L / 3BL RT V2
Form 3L / 3BL RT V1
Form 3 / 3B RT V2.1
Form 2 LT Tank
Form 2 RT (PDMS)
Build Platform(s) [BP]
Form 4 BP Flex
Form 4 BP
Form 3L BP 2L
Form 3L BP
Form 3 Stainless Steel BP
Form 3 BP 2
Form 3 BP

*The resin is compatible with these 3D printers. Please ensure you're selecting the correct cartridge compatibility at purchase as the Form 4 uses a different cartridge system from previous models. The listing you are currently on is for the Form 4.

For the Form 3 series / Form 2 compatible cartridges, click here.

Benefits of Castable Wax Resin

When choosing Castable Wax Resin, you opt for superior strength and stiffness, enabling the printing of intricate structures with utmost precision. Its clean burnout and high green strength facilitate a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need for post-curing and ensuring reliable casting results. Additionally, the resin's ability to produce smooth and refined surfaces allows for effortless removal of support tips, preserving the integrity of your final parts.

  • High strength and stiffness enable printing of ultrafine structures.
  • No post-cure required for a faster and simpler workflow.
  • Smooth surfaces ensure easy removal of support tips, maintaining part integrity.

Applications of Castable Wax Resin

Castable Wax Resin serves as the perfect solution for crafting lightweight, intricate jewelry pieces as well as prototypes and production parts. In dental applications, it excels in creating crowns, bridges, removable partial denture frameworks, and patterns for casting and pressing.

  • Ideal for delicate filigree designs and custom try-ons in jewelry making.
  • Suitable for direct investment casting, ensuring precise dental prosthetics.
  • Perfect for thin pieces with fine details, offering exceptional precision in production.

Material Properties of Castable Wax Resin

Castable Wax Resin boasts impressive material properties, including a high ultimate tensile strength of 12 MPa and a tensile modulus of 220 MPa, ensuring durability and reliability in printed parts. With an elongation of 13% and a low ash content ranging from 0.0 to 0.1%, this resin offers exceptional performance and cleanliness, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • High ultimate tensile strength and tensile modulus ensure durable printed parts.
  • Elongation of 13% allows for flexibility and resilience in various applications.
  • Low ash content guarantees clean burnout, maintaining the integrity of casted objects.

What are the Material Properties* of the Formlabs Castable Wax Resin?

Castable Wax Resin does not require post-curing.
Allow parts to fully dry before casting.*

Ultimate Tensile Strength 12 MPa
Tensile Modulus 220 MPa
Elongation 0.13
Temp @ 5% Mass Loss 249ºC
Ash Content (TGA) 0.0 - 0.1%

* Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature.
** Data was obtained from green parts, printed using Form 2, Castable 50 μm Fine Detail settings and washed without post-cure.

Download the Formlabs Castable Wax Resin Technical Data Sheet
Download the Formlabs Castable Wax Resin Safety Data Sheet

Formlabs Form Wash (Gen 2) Formlabs Form Cure
Duration Duration
5 min in IPA N/A
Notes Notes
Wash Castable parts for the shortest time
necessary to remove liquid resin. Ensure
that all solvent has evaporated or been
removed from the parts before curing
and casting.
Castable Wax Resin does not require post-
curing. Allow parts to fully dry before
casting. While post-curing Castable Wax
parts should not affect castability, post-
curing may shrink parts slightly (by less
than 1%), which can cause distortion.

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