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Inventables X-Carve Z-Probe

Adding easy calibration to your X-Carve has never been easier! This kit includes everything needed to add this functionality to your machine and is fully supported and integrated with Easel. Note: This accessory is already included in the 1000mm X-Carve kit found [here.](
Product No. M8UE0F2W
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Calibration couldn't be any easier than this

With the Z-Probe on your X-Carve, material height calibration is easier than ever. Plug the two-wire end of the cable into X carriage, attach the black wire clip onto the collet, and plug the red wire into the gold disk. (See picture below) When the endmill bit lowers down onto the disk it complete a circuit and logs the precise height of the material.

Proper assembly of Z-Probe

Why is accurate material height important?

The X-Carve operates by plunging an endmill bit into your stock (material to be cut) and then travels in a set toolpath in the X and Y axis. If the cut is too shallow, the part may not function correctly for it's use and if the cut is too deep you risk damaging or breaking the endmill bit. This kit not only allows for easy calibration, but very accurate measurements as well.

Don't break your bits!

What's in the box?

  • Probe Disk
  • Collet clamp
  • Wiring Bundle