LayerLock Build Surface for PolyPropylene 13.07" x 13.39"


Successfully produce low friction, print to production parts with LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene. Known for its susceptibility to warping, polypropylene (PP) and OBC are 3D printing materials that require a build surface with strong bed adhesion. Thanks to the chemical makeup of LayerLock, warping is immensely minimized due to its strong grip on a print's first layer. To easily remove polypropylene prints off your build surface, we highly recommend pairing Magigoo PP 3D Bed Adhesion Solution for Polypropylene with our LayerLock Build Surface.

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This LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene is the ideal choice when producing high strength parts out of 3D printing materials such as OBC and polypropylene. Both filaments are favored for their high chemical resistance properties as well as their extreme resistance to fatigue, making them the ideal plastics to produce useful everyday items such as storage containers with living hinges. Due to their semi-crystalline qualities, these filaments require specific 3D printer accessories to avoid warping, which is more than likely to occur with these materials. Enter LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene—the sheet designed specifically to succeed with polypropylene and OBC by providing superior bed adhesion to a print's first layer. By maintaining a tight grip onto that initial layer, LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene allows you to worry less about warping and focus more on designing your prototypes. For extra success, we highly recommend combining our LayerLock Build Surface with a bed adhesion solution engineered for polypropylene such as Magigoo's PP 3D Bed Adhesion Solution for Polypropylene or SmartMaterials SmartStick - Bed Adhesion for Polypropylene.


Produce more 3D printed parts out of different materials using LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene. PLA and ABS are filaments that any maker can rely on for easy, quick prototyping. However, sometimes a sturdier, more advanced material is needed to test a part's true capabilities. Polypropylene and OBC are fantastic materials for prototyping parts that also use the same material in the final product. While both are prone to warping, MatterHackers provides users with convenient tools to ease the 3D printing experience. With LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene, stronger bed adhesion is provided for an increase in successful production. Once warping becomes a thing of the past, users can freely print more prototypes that need the qualities that polypropylene and OBC provide. Add these filaments to your go-to list of 3D printer materials when you add LayerLock Build Surface to your 3D printer accessories.


Dimensions Price Printer Compatibility
9" x 10" (228mm x 254mm) $22.99
11.8" x 11.8" (300mm x 300mm) $24.99
13.07" x 13.39" (332mm x 340mm) $28.99

If you'd like to cut these sheets down to size, you may use tools such as art knives and utility knives. It may be necessary to run the blade over the cut a few times before successfully cutting through the sheet and adhesive. Please use caution when using these sharp tools.


  • Thin LayerLock Build Surface Sheet with an Adhesive Back
    • Thickness: 0.031" (0.8 mm)


For success with nylon and nylon-based filaments, we recommend using LayerLock Garolite Build Surfaces. If interested in succeeding with PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more, check out LayerLock Powder Coated PEI Build Plates.


Installation is simple and easy for any 3D printer setup. Clean your build plate with isopropyl alcohol. Then remove the adhesive liner on the back of the LayerLock build surface sheet and stick it to the build plate installed on your specific printer. Whether it's a heated bed, a flexplate system or a sheet of glass, LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene is compatible. Once stuck to the build plate, re-level your surface based on your specific printer/setup with the newly installed LayerLock Build Surface for Polypropylene and ensure the nozzle height is properly set. Because the sheets are incredibly thin, adjustments to your z-height will be minor. That's it! You're ready to print.


Wipe the build surface clean of dust and any other foreign substances with a paper towel. Use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol if necessary. Apply some kind of Polypropylene Bed Adhesion Solution before printing. This solution should last for a couple of prints. If strong bed adhesion is no longer consistent, remove any leftover Polypropylene Bed Adhesion Solution by turning off the machine and soaking the build surface with warm water (while making sure no water goes near the electronics). Once the surface is soaked, remove the adhesive with a spatula until the surface is clean and wipe away excess water. Repeat these steps as necessary.

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