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Pulse XE - NylonX Advanced Materials 3D Printer Bundle

Built on the foundation of our very own Pulse 3D printer platform, which was born from the Prusa i3 design, comes the newest member of our MatterHackers family - the Pulse XE. Built with amazing upgrades like a Garolite heated print bed, Olsson Ruby nozzle, and even a Print Dry Filament Drying system, the Pulse XE can not only print nylon with ease but any abrasive or standard filament with accurate, beautiful results. Pulse XE also comes with two spools of NylonX, the material it was designed to 3D print. Get incredibly strong and resilient 3D prints with this awesome, carbon-infused filament. Plus, all standard upgrades come pre-assembled and tested for you, so you know it will work right out of the box.

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For Engineering Grade Projects and 3D Printing with Advanced Materials


Fully Calibrated with Industry-Leading Components

Built for reliability, the Pulse XE arrives ready to print with best-in-class components, like the E3D v6 All-metal HotEnd, Bondtech Extruder, and wear-resistant Olsson Ruby Nozzle.

Use the Strongest Materials

Create functional, ready-to-use parts with NylonX - the strong, micro-carbon reinforced material - right from the box. The Pulse XE arrives with 2 spools of NylonX, ready for printing.

Constructed With Care

Made right here in the US, every Pulse XE 3D Printer is backed with lifetime phone and email support from the Pros at MatterHackers.

Lifetime Support

Using time-tested, best-in-class components allows you the capability to print on the Pulse XE for years to come. The MatterHackers Pros are also available for any questions you have about this stunning 3D printer package.

About Pulse XE - Print Advanced Materials Now

From the start, MatterHackers has been committed to reaching for better design standards in creating a robust and adaptable 3D printer that would work for all our users - thus was born the Pulse - strong, customizable and easy-to-use; but we knew we could do better. After more research and design, MatterHackers has created an amazing 3D printer in the Pulse XE. Feedback from the 3D printing community pushed us to create a system that can not only print standard filaments with laser accuracy, but also stand up to the rigors of printing with specialty filaments while giving you fantastic finished results. From the included NylonX, to TPU, ABS, PETG, PLA, our very own MH Build and PRO Series, and everything in between, Pulse XE can print it all.

Pulse Logo Pulse in use

Pulse XE 3D Printer Bundle

The Pulse XE, with its amazing line-up of included upgrades, is a fantastic option for those who plan on printing with nylon, NylonX, and other abrasive, engineering grade filaments. With the Pulse XE, you can print using PLA, PETG, Bronzefill, Copperfill, Brassfill, Bamboofill, Woodfill, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, and many more. The machine design is based on the popular Prusa i3, the communities most popular design, known for its sturdy build and reliable printing. Every Pulse XE comes standard with several powerful upgrades.

quality and results

Pulse XE components are precision machined, and each portion of the experience finely honed so that you can achieve the best 3D printing results possible.

World-Class Reliability

Tackle any print job with confidence - Pulse XE has been designed and tested to deliver consistent, high-quality results without any fuss. It’s the high-performance, low-maintenance 3D printer you’ve been dreaming about.

Incredible Value

When you order a Pulse XE printer, you get an amazing array of included upgrades including an automatic bed leveling heated garolite print bed, BLTouch Auto-Leveling Bed Sensor, Bondtech extruder, and Olsson Ruby Nozzle - features available elsewhere as paid upgrades. We share savings with you because we are able to purchase in large quantities.

Stealth-Mode Enabled

Sound dampers have been added to each motor on the Pulse XE 3D Printer, and the difference is amazing. Movements are incredibly quiet, making the Pulse XE one of the quietest 3D printers on the market - not to mention, a more agreeable desktop companion.

Simple Setup, Seamless Workflow

Go from unboxing to 3D printing success in minutes. Every Pulse XE 3D Printer comes pre-configured with MatterControl, an intuitive application that simplifies the 3D printing experience.

Pulse XE Components:

Every component included on the Pulse XE 3D printer has been comprehensively tested by MatterHackers, and are the highest quality parts available. Each component takes your 3D printing journey to a whole new level.

Orbit Auto-calibration Sensor
BLTouch Auto-Calibration Sensor
Your Pulse XE includes a BLTouch Probe Auto-leveling system - the most technologically advanced auto-calibration solution available. Enjoy this included feature to make your 3D printing process faster and more efficient.
Heated Bed with installed BuildTak (included)
Heated Bed with Installed Garolite Print Surface
Print with a wide variety of materials on your Pulse XE heated print bed. The bed has a pre-installed Garolite print surface, making it ideal for a wide variety of materials from PLA to NylonX.
Olsson Ruby Nozzle
Olsson Ruby Nozzle
The Olsson Ruby is the ultimate 3D printer nozzle, capable of printing beautiful PLA parts but also strong enough to handle endless amounts of harsh abrasives like NylonX. The Ruby was designed to be the only nozzle you will ever need, and with this upgrade your Pulse XE will arrive day one with this 0.40mm ruby-tipped beauty ready to tackle any project you can imagine.
Bondtech Extruder with E3D V6 HotEnd
The Pulse XE 3D printer comes standard with a Bondtech extruder that all but eliminates slipping, deformation, and under-extrusion.
LCD Screen
Panucatt Viki 2 LCD Screen
The Panucatt Viki 2 LCD screen is the perfect LCD screen for the Pulse XE. The controller allows your Pulse XE to print without any connection to your PC or laptop, and it arrives with fully pre-configured software and settings specific to your upgrades and loaded into your MatterControl account.
LCD Screen
Filament Runout Sensor
Receive a text message the moment you run out of filament with the Filament Runout Sensor. This will allow you to reload filament and seamlessly continue printing. While a print is in progress, the sensor is constantly monitoring filament to ensure successful printing.
LCD Screen
Print Dry Filament Drying System
The perfect moisture control solution for filament storage. This filament dry container has automatic humidity control and can hold up to two standard spools.
LCD Screen
2 Spools of 1.75mm NylonX
Our very own engineering grade nylon filament which is blended with chopped carbon fibers (approximately 20% by weight), creating a high-strength filament capable of printing tough, functional parts.

Whats in the box?

  • Pulse XE Fully Assembled 3D Printer
  • 2 Spools of MatterHackers NylonX Filament
  • Spool of MatterHackers PRO Series Ryno
  • Print Dry Filament Drying System
    • Note: The PrintDry is currently out of stock, so purchase a Pulse XE today and the PrintDry will be shipped when back in stock
  • PVA Glue Stick
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cable
  • Rubber Feet
  • Bowden Tube

MatterHackers Success Guarantee

Try your Pulse XE risk-free today - we’re sure you’ll be fully satisfied with your Pulse XE and we take pride in matching you with the best 3D printer for your needs and ensuring your success. If the assembled Pulse XE is not the right fit, you may exchange it for a different model at MatterHackers within 30 days with no restocking fee. Your success is our guarantee!

Pulse XE Logo

Technical Information

Build Volume 250 x 220 x 215 mm (10 x 8.5 x 8.5 in.)
Speed Travel speed of up to 250 mm/s and a print speed as high as 60 mm/s
Resolution 20 microns (.02mm), and as large as 300 microns (.3 mm)
Filament Diameter Ø 1.75 mm
Stock Nozzle Olsson Ruby Nozzle 0.4mm
Remote Control Monitor and control your Pulse XE 3D printer from your tablet or phone over Wifi using the integrated MatterControl Sync portal.
Open Standards Pulse uses open standard technology, which means compatibility with open source tools and no artificial restrictions on the materials you can use.
Returns/Warranty MatterHackers Success Guarantee, 1-year repair-or-replace warranty, lifetime support.

Software Compatibility Note: MatterControl has a known issue that prevents it from running on macOS High Sierra. For this reason, Pulse is not recommended if you are running High Sierra. We are working to resolve this issue asap.

Why buy from MatterHackers?

At MatterHackers we pride ourselves on offering friendly service, advice, and support. Our prices are always the lowest in the industry when you factor in our free shipping for every item on the MatterHackers site (including 3D printers). Most of all, our staff is attentive and knowledgeable. They have been 3D printing for several years now and are happy to answer your 3D printing questions. Have a question about the amazing capabilities of your new Pulse XE 3D printer? No problem. Feel free to give us a call.

In short, the MatterHackers Pros are here to partner with you through every step of your 3D printing journey. Additionally, we have all of the 3D PrintersFilament, and Accessories that you could ever need to design anything you can imagine.