Modix3D Modix BIG-Meter V4 3D Printer Kit - Expedited Shipping


The Modix 3D Printer kit offers users a large print volume, high-quality components, a modular design, and easy assembly. With these features, users will be able to produce strong finished parts quickly and easily.

  • Large print volumes
  • High quality components
  • Self-assembly kit
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Customers who select the Expedited Shipping add-on will have their printers shipped directly from Modix's overseas warehouse via Air Freight (standard orders are shipped via Ocean Freight).

After clearing US Customs, the shipments will be delivered to Modix's US-Based warehouse before being shipped directly to the end customer. Customers are not expected to receive any additional Customs, Duties, or Taxes on the Import.

Please note that the expedited shipping option represents an additional charge on top of standard freight shipping fees.

This option must be selected at the time of purchase. We are unable to change shipping methods from Ocean Freight once an order has been accepted.

If you have questions, please contact


If you’re an experienced 3D printing user and in need of a large 3D Printer look no further. Modix 3D printers were designed to make achieving your 3D printing goals as simple as possible. Boasting some of the largest print volumes on the market, Modix printers enable users to print very large models in one complete piece – resulting in stronger finished parts and reducing the amount of time you’ll need to spend on post-processing.

Each Modix printer is comprised of the highest quality components and sourced from some of the best-known brands in the industry, such as E3D, Duet, and Hiwin to name a few. In addition to using premium components every aspect of Modix 3D printers, from the Chassis to the Motion system, has been designed with heavy-duty use in mind while also remaining modular enough for any future upgrades and new technologies that may disrupt the market as 3D printing evolves.


All Modix 3D Printers are sold and delivered as self-assembly kits. Purchasing and assembling a 3D Printer kit has many advantages over traditional fully assembled models. While one of the biggest advantages is the hands-on, and in-depth knowledge you will gain of your printer while following the assembly instructions; 3D printer kits also represent a high level of cost savings and flexibility when it comes to selecting where your new machine will fit within in your production facility.

The in-depth knowledge you will gain also ensures that you will have the necessary skills to confidently upgrade, maintain, and eventually customize your Modix 3D Printer - ensuring that your machine will remain operating and continue to play a pivotal role within your workflow for years to come.

Each Modix kit includes a physical copy as well as links to online assembly instructions. These instructions will walk you through the assembly process with detailed textual and visual step-by-step instructions. Online guides also feature video demonstrations for every step as well as rotatable 3D Models of the various sub-assemblies making the assembly process straight-forward and highly intuitive.


Modularity is at the heart of Modix’s design philosophy. Whether you are deciding on what type of filament or slicing software to you want to use or deciding on what components to upgrade your 3D printer with, Modix believes in giving customers the freedom of choice.

New upgrades and additional components, such as air filters, hotends, and print head configurations are constantly being evaluated for use with the Modix line of 3D printers. Depending on the model, several upgrades may also already come included with your Modix 3D printer, while other components are quickly and easily available for add-on at the time of purchase allowing customers to better match their budgets and 3D printing needs.  Additionally, optional customization guides are regularly published and made available through Modix’s online service portal - providing customers with a wide level of support for any upgrades they may want to implement.


  • Modix BIG-Meter Printer Assembly kit
  • Enclosure
  • Single Griffin Extruder. IDEX upgrade is optional.
  • Z-Axis Guides: Hiwin Rails
  • Duex Expansion Board
  • Casters
  • See a full packing list here.

Optional Add-ons:

  • IDEX Upgrade (Optional)

NOTE: Items are shipped from the manufacturer's US-based warehouse. Order lead time is dependent on stock availability. Please contact the MatterHackers Support Team to request additional information on the latest lead times.



  • Technology FFF: Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Print volume: 1,010x1,010x1,010 mm / ~40 x 40 x 40 inch
  • Machine size: (WxDxH) 1,300x1,470x1,830 mm / ~52x58x72 inch
  • Shipping weight: 200 KG
  • Assembly: Self-Assembly
  • Closed print chamber: Included
  • Enclosure type: Aluminum composite panels (ACP), 3mm thick. Polycarbonate doors and top lid
  • Feet: Articulated leveling feet included, Casters included


  • Number of print heads: One Griffin print head is included. The IDEX option is optional.
  • Default filament diameter: 1.75mm, can be converted to 3mm by the user
  • Extruder brand & model: Modix Griffin Printhead (Based on Bondtech BMG)
  • Hotend brand & model: Modix Griffin Printhead
  • Included nozzles (mm):4, 0.6, 0.8 Primary hotend
  • Hotend max. temperature: 285ºc
  • Optional max hotend temp: 500ºc, requires PT100 thermistor add-on
  • Extruder motors: Motech MT-1703HS168A Direct drive extruders gear reduction of 1:3
  • Filament runout sensor: Dedicated sensor per extruder


  • X & Y axis linear guides: HIWIN MGW9
  • Z axis guides: Smooth Rods included. HIWIN MGW9.
  • X & Y axis drive system: Gates GT2 width: 9mm, fiberglass reinforced
  • Z axis drive system: SFU1204 Ball screw 2:5 belt gear reduction
  • X axis motors: 2 X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Y axis motor: 1 X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Z axis motors: 4 X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Resolution (XYZ): 4 X 4 X 0.5 micron
  • Printing speed: Up to 150mm/s Depends on nozzle & layer height
  • Printing acceleration: Up to 1000 mm/s 2


  • Bed plate: Alcoa Mic-6, 6.35mm milled cast aluminum plate
  • Number of heaters: 3 X AC heater, 1,350 Watt , triple zone
  • Temperature controller: Autonics TCN4 PID controller
  • Maximum bed temperature: 120ºc
  • Bed leveling probe: BL touch probe
  • Bed leveling: Bed shape is measured by probing 100 different points.
  • Bed tilt leveling: Semi-Automatic, guided by an on-screen macro
  • Bed motion system: 4 x ball-nut screws. Each screw is mounted to a dedicated stepper motor with a belt gear system


  • Electronic controller: Duet3D: Duet2 Wifi
  • User interface: 7” Touch screen – PanelDue from Duet3D
  • Remote control (WiFi): Upload Gcode files right from your desktop
  • Direct connectivity: SD Card, USB cable
  • Ethernet: Optional with Duet3D Ethernet board. Should be purchased and replaced by customer
  • Electronics (DC) power: Meanwell 24V/280Watt power supply powering the electronic and motion system. Universal AC input: 110-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Bed heaters (AC) power: Minimal Electricity requirements: 32A, single phase, 208-240V: N. America customers: NEMA L6-30P outlet EU/AU/UK : IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet
  1. How long will it take for my purchase from MatterHackers to be shipped?
    • Items purchased from MatterHackers will be shipped from the manufacturer's US-based warehouse. There may be a lead time on orders, depending on stock availability.
  2. Can I return a 3D printer kit if it has been opened?
    • Returns will not be accepted for any opened 3D printer kit. New, unopened 3D printer kits may be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  3. What kind of support does MatterHackers provide for warranty replacement components?
    • MatterHackers provides support for warranty replacement components. Assembly instruction, troubleshooting, and technical support are provided directly by the Modix Support team.
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