Ultimaker Advanced 3D Printing Kit - Ultimaker 3 Extended

The Advanced 3D Printing kit for the Ultimaker 3 includes a door for the build area to help with temperature control, adhesive sheets for increased bed adhesion, and an additional glass plate.

  • The advanced 3D printing kit includes a door and bed adhesion sheets.
  • The door helps to keep the build area warmer while printing.
  • The adhesive sheets provide increased adhesion over glue stick and also support multiple jobs before needing to be replaced.
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Enhance your Ultimaker 3 experience

The Advanced 3D Printing kit brings two major changes to your Ultimaker 3; a door and bed adhesion sheets. The enclosure door will keep the build area warmer while printing, helping materials like ABS and Nylon warp less. The adhesive sheets for the build plate provide increased adhesion over glue stick and also support multiple jobs before needing to be replaced. This kit also includes an additional glass plate - useful for swapping out surfaces between prints or having one with an adhesion sheet and one without.

Keep it hot

Some 3D printer materials like ABS and Nylon need to be cooled slowly to stop your part from warping after printing. The partially enclosed design of the Ultimaker 3 makes it a great choice in 3D printer when using ABS but larger parts can still see warping being an issue. The included front enclosure panel adds a door to the Ultimaker 3 Extended for a more consistent temperature in the build area. This reduces the chances of warped prints even more and leads to much more successful printing.

Make it stick

Getting the first layer right is vital to a successful 3D printing experience. Some materials feature easier bed adhesion than others, and materials like Polypropylene will need some extra help beyond a glue stick. The adhesion sheets included in the Advanced 3D Printing Kit are easy to apply, offer much greater first-layer adhesion than base glass and will stay strong for many prints. Also included is a scraping tool for adhesion sheet application without any air bubbles.

2nd build plate for maximum uptime

The final component of the Ultimaker 3 Extended Advanced 3D Printing Kit is a second glass build plate. To maximize your machine time you can remove the entire build plate after a completed print and install the clean plate for the next print. Then remove the print and clean the build plate while your next project is underway! This kit included 25 adhesive sheets, so there is plenty of stock for both build plates.

Package Contents

  • 1 Front Enclosure
  • 25 Adhesion Sheets
  • 1 Adhesive Applicator
  • 1 Glass Plate

Material Recommendations

Material   Front enclosure    Adhesion sheet
PLA Optional Optional
ABS Highly recommended   Optional
CPE Optional Optional
CPE+ Highly recommended Highly recommended
Nylon Optional Optional
PC Highly recommended Highly recommended
TPU 95A   Optional Not advised
PP Highly recommended Required
PVA Optional Optional

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