Pulse 3D Printer

The Pulse offers a fully customizable, fully assembled printer, with top-of-the-line features, at an affordable price. Made by MatterHackers pros right here in Orange County, California, you can be confident you will be receiving an awesome printer backed up by service and support for the life of your Pulse 3D printer.

The Fully Customizable Pulse 3D Printer
The Fully Customizable Pulse 3D Printer


  •         Fully Automatic Bed Leveling
  •         Motor dampers for nearly silent operation
  •         Name-brand components from E3D, BondTech, Panucatt, Olsson Ruby, and Ultimachine
  •         Filament run-out detection
  •         Automatic firmware updating
  •         Presets for virtually every filament currently available
  •         Customizable – everything you want, nothing you don’t

Automatic Leveling

The Pulse uses an Orbit probe, by BLTouch, and MatterControl to provide fully automatic bed leveling. Press a button, and Pulse does the rest. MatterControl stores the probing data so you don’t need to calibrate before every print – saving you time, and giving you repeatable results. Because it is a touch probe, and not inductive like many bed probes, you can swap out bed surfaces without worrying about interfering with the probe.

The Orbit Bed Leveling Touch Sensor in Action
The Orbit Bed Leveling Touch Sensor in Action

Print Recovery and Filament Run-Out Detection

Have you ever lost a print because your computer decided to go to sleep or force a Windows update? How about when you think you have enough filament left on the spool and come back to find out you were a few grams short?

Pulse has got you covered. MatterControl has print recovery which detects failed prints due to a power outage, disconnection, or other breaks in the communication with the printer, and will automatically resume and recover your print. The integrated filament run-out detector senses when you’re out of filament, pauses the print, lifts the hotend out of the way, and notifies you via text or email that you’re out of filament. Replace the filament, and your print will resume. No more failed prints and wasted filament.

The Filament Runout Sensor
The Filament Runout Sensor

Ultra-Quiet Printing

Every Pulse comes standard with motor dampers on the X, Y, and Z axes. These greatly reduce vibrations, giving you cleaner, smoother prints, and they significantly reduce noise. The Pulse also comes with silicone feet. These dampen the vibrations between the printer and the surface you are printing on and reduce the noise of the machine when printing. The Pulse is easily one of the quietest printers we’ve ever used.

Motor dampers make the Pulse a quiet desk companion.
Motor dampers make the Pulse a quiet desk companion.

Print Every Filament

One of the coolest things about the Pulse is that it can be configured to print literally every filament that we carry. The base model comes with an E3D Lite6 hotend and SeeMeCNC EZRstruder, which can handle most filaments, including some flexibles, and can print up to 245°C.

Upgrade to the BondtechQR extruder and E3Dv6 with hardened steel nozzle, and you can print every filament in our library – from flexibles like Ninjaflex and TPU, to abrasive composites like NylonX and carbon fiber PLA.

Garolite bed and Olsson Ruby Nozzle upgrades give you the ultimate performance when printing NylonX and other nylon filaments

Tested, Tuned, and Updated

When you order a Pulse, we customize the firmware to the specifications of your machine, and we also make sure that MatterControl is set up and ready to use. We do all the setup on the back end so you can get right to printing; no more hardware updates, or fidgeting with component profiles - it’s already taken care of.

We print all of the printed parts for the Pulse on other Pulse 3D printers. We have thousands of print hours on the machines, and keep the profiles updated with what we’ve found to produce the best, most consistent results with our filament line. MatterControl automatically checks for firmware updates and can apply any updates with a single mouse-click. Need a material profile tweaked or adjusted for specific results? Let us know and we can send you a personalized profile to import.

Pulse XE - The NylonX 3D Printer

The Pulse XE 3D Printer
The Pulse XE 3D Printer

The Pulse XE is the fully-upgraded version of the Pulse. It includes the following equipment standard:

This build is also fully assembled and tested by the MatterHackers Pros before being shipped out, and all software attributes are loaded into your MatterControl account for easy setup and quick printing out of the box. It is specifically designed to print NylonX, our very own brand of nylon filament infused with carbon-fiber strands - an amazingly rigid and durable material that will stand up to daily use. Of course, you can also print any other filament - you are not limited to only nylon. Because it includes the Olsson Ruby Nozzle and a Bondtech Extruder, you can print beautifully in ABS, PLA, PETG and all other filaments with ease.