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NinjaTek 3D Printing Filament

Creators of specialty 3D printing filaments NinjaFlex, Cheetah, and Armadillo, NinjaTek are experts in flexible materials. These specialty 3D printing filaments are the perfect next step if you want to start experimenting with new materials to add pliability and functionality to your 3D prints. NinjaFlex and Cheetah are fantastic flexible 3D printing filaments, with Armadillo as a rigid alternative to standard PLA and ABS filaments.

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Technical Specifications
  • Filament Diameters available: 1.75mm and 3.00mm
  • TPU filament prints better at lower speeds and slightly higher extruder temperatures.
  • Armadillo toughness ratings are superior to commonly used materials, 86 times greater than that of ABS.
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