Polypropylene 3D Printer Filament

Polypropylene (PP) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic filament used to produce durable and lightweight parts. With valuable physical properties such as resistance to heat, chemicals, fatigue, and impact, this 3D printing material makes a wonderful addition to the family of advanced filaments used for functional prototyping. This filament also functions as a great end-use material for prototypes because polypropylene is often found in common household items such as storage containers, DVD cases, squeezable bottles, and more. Produce low friction, print to production parts with polypropylene 3D printer filament.

About Polypropylene Filament

Polypropylene is a tough, semi-rigid thermoplastic that is highly resistant to heat, electricity, chemicals, fatigue, and impact. Additionally, this material is hydrophobic, meaning its molecules repel water. These valuable properties are why you can find polypropylene in common items such as household storage containers, packaging for consumer products, car bumpers, toys, and more. PP is a fantastic 3D printer end-use filament option for makers who intend to prototype parts that may potentially be mass produced with material.

Polypropylene gets its semi-flexibility from its semi-crystalline structure. Combine that with its resistance to fatigue and it is understandable why it is the ideal material for producing prints with living hinges. Compared to other thermoplastics, this filament has a low density that satisfies the needs for durable lightweight parts. For one of the more affordable advanced materials on the market, polypropylene stands out as a fantastic option for 3D printing functional prototypes and ready-to-use parts.

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