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MakerJuice 3D Printer Resins
MakerJuice 3D Printer Resins

MakerJuice 3D Resins

For a great selection of resins for DLP or SLA 3D printers, MakerJuice is an excellent choice. Offering great value for quality and price, MakerJuice resin cures extremely hard, and post-processing with sanding and painting is simple. MakerJuice 3D printing resins are compatible with both Laser SLA 3D printers and Digital Light Processing DLP 3D printers. From resins great for model-making to more advanced castable resins, MakerJuice has a selection for any level of photopolymer use. 

Technical Specifications
  • Resins available can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • SF resin is made to provide some flex even after curing.
  • G+/Standard resin cures extremely hard and is very easy to post-process.