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Inventables CNC Machines

If you're looking for reliable desktop or workshop CNC cutting and carving, Inventables X-Carve 3D Carvers are the perfect solution for your CNC milling needs. Inventables X-Carve 3D CNC carvers are capable of precision cutting through materials like wood, plastics, and even metals. Add intricately etched details to projects, or cut custom metal parts - the Inventables X-Carve can tackle and project. The Inventables X-Carve comes in two sizes: 500mm or 1,000mm - both are perfectly capable of performing at the same level and tolerances. Easily clean up your workshop with the Inventables X-Carve Dust Control System, or even swap out bits to truly find the cut that you are looking for. Desktop and workshop CNC milling is made easier and attainable with the Inventables X-Carve. 

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