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Peopoly Resin 3D Printers

Affordable, High-Resolution SLA Printing. The Peopoly MOAI is an amazing, high-resolution SLA resin 3D printer. For the price, the Peopoly MOAI gives you the capability to print extremely detailed 3D prints quickly, and without breaking the bank. Not only is the Peopoly MOAI the lowest price SLA 3D printer on the market, paying for great 3D prints won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. With high 3D resin compatibility, a sturdy 3D resin vat, and G-Code printing capability compatible with existing FDM slicers and software, you have more than one option for your SLA 3D printing needs. The resolution of the Peopoly MOAI is simply amazing; a 70 micron laser spot and the ability to print up to a 15 micron layer height gives your 3D SLA prints unbelievably smooth surfaces right out of the curing process.

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About Peopoly Resin 3D Printers

Peopoly was born from one of the most successful 3D printer Kickstarter campaigns in history, with their initial campaign reaching over 800% of goal. The Moai was born from the need for more affordable, at-home SLA 3D printing. For the last four years, Peopoly has continued to refine and expand their SLA 3D printing materials and accessories. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Peopoly has a huge, vibrant user community of thousands of users. Moai owners enjoy the ability to 3D print with a wide range of Peopoly and third-party resins for castable, sandable, and model projects on the Moai and Moai 200. The Moai line of 3D SLA laser printers are the best, low-cost option for high-resolution resin 3D printing on the market today.